5 Reason You SHOULD NOT Get A Doberman Puppy


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Originally bread In Germany to protect a tax collector making his rounds, the Doberman is

meant to be fiercely loyal and protective of its people. The Doberman is considered a

working dog, so they are high energy and very intelligent. It's these same traits that make

the Doberman such an excellent guard dog that also make it the wrong breed choice for

many homes.

1. Because the Doberman is a working dog, they have a very high energy level and need

structured mental and physical exercise every day. This doesn't mean you can just take

them for a stroll around the block once or twice a day. These dogs need a high activity

level to work off all their energy so they don't become destructive in the home or develop

behavioral problems due to boredom. So, if you don't have the time to dedicate to

exercise this breed thoroughly every day, then the Doberman is not the right canine for


2. This leads me to my second point, which is if you don't have the time to give the

Doberman the proper amount of exercise, then you probably don't have the time to work

with the dog consistently on obedience and manners either. The Doberman is extremely

intelligent, which can make them very easy to train, but it also means that they will sniff

out in a heartbeat if you were not the calm, consistent canine leader that they need to

feel secure.

3. Being that the Doberman is a working dog with lots of energy and high intelligence, you

will need to socialize them early and often, which again takes loads of time and

dedication. When not socialized adequately, the Doberman does have a tendency to

become either aggressive, shy, or overly cautious in everyday situations where strangers

are involved. So again, this means that having a Doberman is going to require a lot of

time and energy on your part for the whole life of the dog.

4. And this leads me up to reason #4 why a Doberman is not the right choice for you.

Because they are incredibly intelligent and fiercely loyal and to their leader, this breed

does not respond well to homes that are emotionally charged or to leaders that are not

calm and consistent. The Doberman will typically do best in homes where there aren't

kids running around screaming and playing with their friends and where there is a

defined leader that they can look to for direction.

5. And for my 5th and final reason why a Doberman may be the right fit for you, but

depending on where you live, you might not be able to have one. Typically you'll find that

in America, the Doberman is called out by many insurance company's and governing

bodies as high-risk and therefore not allowed in the area or home. So even if the

Doberman is the right dog for you, you need to evaluate where you live as a potential

condition that prevents you from having this particular breed and if you're willing to move

your family.

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