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Perfect Puppy Course. Your step by step guide to raising a perfect canine companion and becoming a calm and consistent leader, to get it right first time round. 

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HISTORY Let’s dive right into their history and see what each breed was bred for and how that influenced the canines we know today. The Doberman Pincher was a working dog originally bred by a German tax collector in 1870 who also managed the town dog pound. It is believed that herding and cattle dogs are the foundation of the original Doberman breed and the dog’s graceful appearance that we recognize today was refined through the Manchester Terrier and Greyhound additions to the bloodline. There is no relation to the Miniature Pincher though they are strikingly similar. The Dogo is a very new breed, developed in Argentina in the 1920s by Dr. Antonio Nores Martinez as a passion project. The canine was originally considered a fighting dog since much of it’s stock was from a regional fighting dog, but Dr. Martinez discovered his breed was an avid hunter of large game when he brought the dog with him on a hunt. They are now used often in hunting wild boar and mountain lions in Argentina thanks to their incredible stamina, powerful build, and fearless nature.  APPEARANCE Many Doberman’s exhibit the black and tan markings but also come in several colour variations including black and tan, red and tan, fawn, and even blue. Black and red base coats with tan markings are the most common colours though. Males average 70-90lbs and females average about 50-70lbs. Their tails are docked, and ears often cropped, though you will find many now without cropped ears. Their Doberman is sleek and graceful with a lean body and long legs to match its pointed head and elongated snout.  Dogo’s are easy to recognize with their and impressive build and solid white coat that shows off their powerful muscles. They will sometimes have small black marks that look like smudges but generally only one of two of these if any. Generally seen with cropped ears, and sometimes docked tails, these muscular canines are incredibly swift and have an amazing endurance. TRAINABILITY Both of these gorgeous dogs are incredibly intelligent and highly trainable. The Doberman has been used for military and police work, search and rescue, as well as service work. Both are highly intelligent and generally have a high energy level as well, so they need an experienced owner to direct their energy is a positive direction. Because of their high energy level and drive, Doberman’s are often used in military and police work today. The Dogo may get there, but the breed was only recognized by the AKC in 2020 and have been gaining popularity in the last several years. Both can be wilful and determined when excited, so they need a calm and consistent leader to keep them on the right track.   TEMPERAMENT Both the Doberman and Dogo need tons of socialization throughout their life (but especially in the early years) in lots of different situations to become the perfect canine companion and family dog. They are fiercely loyal to their owner and can develop separation anxiety as a result if they aren’t properly conditioned to be alone. They do well with children but because of their energy level, they should be supervised until the children are older. They are quite affectionate with their favourite person, and they will be glued to their owner’s side often giving them long, adoring stares. Keep in mind that both canines are protective and potentially reactive when they feel anyone in their family may be threatened. WRAP UP Experienced canine leaders will find excellent guardians and family companions in both the Doberman and Dogo Argentino. Both dogs will thrive in active homes where they can get plenty of exercise and affection each day. Those looking for a top-notch home guardian will love the fierce guardian instincts of the regal Doberman. Families looking for an active canine partner for agility or running will find the Dodo Argentino an enthusiastic canine always up for an adventure. Before bringing either breed into your home, though, consider your level of leadership and the time you'll be able to devote to these loyal breeds.

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