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Our first fact is that one particular English Bulldog named Tillman holds a world record in skateboarding. This remarkable dog set the world record for the fastest 100 metres on a skateboard by a dog – his time was an incredible 19 seconds. Tillman not only skateboarded, but eventually found himself on the American TV show ‘Greatest American Dog’ and on a surfboard.  Now for our second fact which is that they are known for their history and British heritage. A phrase that is often used is “British Bulldog Spirit” which means to have unrelenting courage. 18th century political cartoonists depicted a female figure of Britannia accompanied by a lion and by a bulldog. The English Bulldog continues to hold this reputation and have been seen as a National Treasure in the UK. By the 19th Century, the English Bulldog had become an icon in the country that would often be found appearing on World War propaganda posters. The third fact about the incredible English Bulldog is that their wrinkles serve a purpose. The English Bulldog’s facial wrinkles not only add to its character and make it so recognisable as a breed, but they also have served a purpose in their history. The ancestors of modern-day English Bulldogs were bred for bull-baiting needed the wrinkles as the folds of skin effectively helped to keep blood away from the Bulldog’s eyes when they were in a fight. Modern day Bulldogs still have these wrinkles but are not used to fight. Having a dog with such dense wrinkles, you have to be sure to wipe them with a cloth each day to prevent any skin irritation or infections occurring. The folds on their noses are particularly prone to infections.  Our fourth fact about this particularly famous breed is that they are an incredibly versatile and adaptable dog. The English Bulldog is a highly adaptable dog making them a great companion for most people whether you live in a house or in an apartment as long as they get enough exercise. This is a great quality for the breed especially if you are looking for a dog that is happy to live in a smaller apartment without the need for a really big space. They are very happy to cuddle up with you on the sofa and will happily laze around. This is something to be aware of though as English Bulldogs can very easily put weight on and will happily be lazy dogs if they are allowed to, so as a Bulldog owner, you need to be aware of this and watch your dog’s weight and exercise levels. For this breed, if they have excess weight to carry it can lead to more health issues which includes lots of strain on their joints and can develop lung and heart issues. Now, our fifth and final fact about the English Bulldog is that the puppies are often delivered via C-Section. English Bulldogs are very popular dogs in the UK and globally which means that the well-bred dogs can be very expensive – particularly if they are of a working line. A downfall to this breed being so popular is that there are many amateur breeders that breed the English Bulldog much too often in order to make a fast profit off them without actually caring for the puppies or mothers’ welfare. This can be incredibly damaging for the dogs. Under Kennel Club rules a female dog can only produce four litters and must be between a certain age to do so. Bulldogs have much wider shoulders in comparison to their rear end which can actually cause problems for females when birthing puppies, so breeding Bulldogs can be very expensive.

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