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5 reasons why you SHOULD get an ENGLISH BULLDOG

5 reasons why you SHOULD get an ENGLISH BULLDOG


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5 – English Bulldogs are perfectly suited for apartments

If you live in an apartment and you ask yourself what kind of dog would be best suited to share your home with, then the English Bulldog is worth considering: This middle-sized, muscular, and compact canine makes for a decent watchdog and has at least some guarding abilities to offer. At the same time, Bulldogs are not suitable for living outside in a kennel, yard, or garden, as they are prone to overheating. Cold temperatures are not healthy for them, either. This sensitivity to temperature, along with their tendency to get out of breath when exercised too much, makes them perfectly suited for apartment living.

All an English Bulldog needs to be happy in an apartment is – human company! So, even if you yourself are out working all day, as long as you have at least one family member at home with your dog most of the time, they will be fine.

So, if you want a loyal, affectionate apartment dog, whom you are willing to provide with a few short walks and play sessions throughout the day, then you should get an English Bulldog!

4 – English Bulldogs are a the ultimate “couch potatoes”

What we just discussed brings us straight to the next reason why the English Bulldog might be the perfect breed for you – and that is their sedentary nature: There is hardly a breed in existence who can trump the English Bulldog’s appreciation for rest and relaxation.

Even though English Bulldogs do love to engage with their owners as well as with other dogs, they are a very low-energy breed. As they require minimal exercise, 3 – 4 short walks during the day are enough to satisfy them. Of course, as these charming dogs thoroughly enjoy play, you will want to provide them with a choice of dog toys.

Speaking of toys and playtimes: Whilst Bulldogs should not be exercised too much because of their sensitive health, you can easily provide fun mental stimulation for them by investing in smart toys: Instead of just feeding your dog, you can put pieces of kibble – or treats – into a kong toy, a treat-dispersing IQ ball or a puzzle toy.

Apart from these low-key activities, English Bulldogs are quite happy to simply enjoy life sitting on your couch or on their dog-bed - and chilling out.

3 – English Bulldogs are perfect “nanny dogs”

Even though it is the Staffordshire Bull Terrier who has coined the term “nanny dog”, it could well have been the English Bulldog: They seem to have a deep, inborn love for children of all ages, and their patience with them is no short of amazing.

Of course, you always want to supervise play sessions that involve both your small children and your dog – but, in general, not many breeds are better with kids than the English Bulldog. When it comes to other pets in the household, these warm-hearted dogs usually have no trouble at including them in their affection as well.

But it is not only their sweet disposition and dependable character that makes them superb family dogs – contrary to most breeds of their size, they are also very calm and gentle in the house. Especially parents of younger children will appreciate this natural calmness as a blessing, because it prevents the energy in the house from getting all too lively.

2 - English Bulldogs are extremely social

English Bulldogs are natural companion animals who absolutely thrive in the company of their owners. These very affectionate canines form strong bonds with loved ones and adore spending as much time with them as possible. It is important to realize that these lovable dogs do not just prefer being around people: They really do need your company to stay well-rounded, content and healthy.

Left by themselves every day for many hours, English Bulldogs can easily develop separation anxiety, which in turn can aggravate any existing health issues. Therefore, if you – or someone else in your family – can be at home with your Bulldog for the best part of the day, you might well consider getting an English Bulldog.

1 - English Bulldogs make people smile

English Bulldogs being such amazingly devoted and loyal companions - who love their favourite humans with a passion – brings us straight to reason number 1 why you should get an English Bulldog: In the times we live in, many people feel lonely, socially isolated or even chronically depressed - especially people who live by themselves and who are either retired, do not work, or work from home.

Perhaps right now, you find yourself in such a situation. And you are asking yourself if you should bring an English Bulldog into your life. Well, if you are willing to make this commitment – despite the health concerns that come with the breed -, then you will be rewarded with a charming and adorably goofy dog. A loyal companion who will not only make you smile, but also other people whom you meet on your walks. This is a wonderful way to break the cycle of isolation and to establish new contacts – maybe even new friendships. With an English Bulldog by your side, nothing is impossible!


The English Bulldog is an amazingly mellow, sweet and gentle breed – which makes them especially well-suited for families with children of all ages. Due to their sedentary nature, they are one of the few breeds who thrive in an apartment-setting. If any of the 5 reasons why you should get an English Bulldog resonate with you, then perhaps it is time for you to start planning for an English Bulldog of your own!

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