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To start us off, let's get the life expectancy out of the way. Which unfortunately is relatively short for a breed their size. On average, the English Bulldog can live anywhere from 8-10 years for a healthy individual.  Now onto health matters- which... where to even start… This breed has numerous health issues, and many individuals are affected by a lot of these problems. So, to get us going, we will cover the issues you will see across the breed and probably even be hard-pressed to find an individual who doesn't suffer from these.  First, the English Bulldog is Brachycephalic, which is the term for a dog with a short face that is set in very close. This by itself, can cause a ton of issues helping the dog get in an adequate supply of air. Meaning hot and humid weather can greatly reduce their ability to breathe, and allowing them to overexert themselves during exercise can be just as dangerous.  Some individuals might have such a hard time getting in a good breath of air that surgery might be required, and there are two of them for this breed. The first is stenotic nares surgery, which opens the nostrils up more, allowing for more air to be taken in, and the second is Elongated Soft Palate Surgery. The next issues you are going to find to be pretty common with this breed are skin infections. Their skin is incredibly sensitive, and you need to make sure that you are cleaning in between those hallmark wrinkles regularly as they can be a breeding ground for bacteria.  The next common issue with the breed is eye problems. Cherry Eye is very common in the breed- this is when the tear duct becomes prolapsed and causes eye irritation. To get this issue resolved a surgery is required.  Other issues in the breed that are present but you won't find to be as common include hip and elbow dysplasia. This is a condition when the dog's joints have a malformation and don't fit into the socket. This can cause immobility and problems when the dog tries to get around and will require costly surgery to fix.  The English Bulldog can also suffer from patella luxation, which is a pretty standard concern in all breeds with short legs. This is a condition where the dog's kneecap comes loose and will again need surgery to fix.  This breed can also suffer from cardiac issues- the most common is Pulmonic Stenosis, which is a narrowing in the values on the heart's right side.  Next, we have Cryptorchardism. Which only affects male dogs as this is a condition where one or both of the testicles don't drop and get retained in the abdomen. And you probably guess it by now, but again this will need surgery to fix.  The last health issue we will touch on for this breed is Lymphoma, as there are cases of it in the breed. This type of cancer affects the dog's lymph nodes, and treatment for it is along the lines of what you could expect for typical cancer treatments. 

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