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Most Common Behavior Problems: The English Bulldog is descended from the mighty warriors of the bullbaiting ring. Though, with Bullbaiting's outlawing, the Bulldog quickly found itself being repurposed as a companion animal. While they aren't warriors anymore, this breed can still be a tenacious one, and with an inexperienced canine leader, some issues can indeed crop up.  The most common behavior problem in the English bulldog breed is food aggression and resource guarding. Even though the breed has changed vastly over the past few hundred years, the warrior of old can pop up when food or something they want is involved. Because they can be naturally possessive, it takes some good guidance from a calm, consistent canine leader to make sure this doesn't turn into a bigger problem.  Possible Downsides and Known Temperament issues: Every breed can have some downsides to their temperament that might not make them the best fit for you or your family. So here are some cons to consider before adding an English Bulldog to your household. Have you ever heard the term as stubborn as a bull? Well, this is one saying that applies to this breed; it is even in the name. Given their original profession, they needed to go toe to toe with some pretty willful bovines. The Bulldog was required to be determined and have the resilience to stick it out as they grabbed the bull by the nose and then were trashed about as the animal tried to get them to release their grip. While the breed has changed drastically and selective breeding has turned them into something more gentle that stubbornness is still present. This makes the breed harder to train, unfortunately. While they are smart enough to catch on to new things, sometimes they don't want to, and being a consistent leader is the only way to attempt to contend with this breed's iron will.  Like with all breeds, harmful breeding programs that don't prioritize temperament can lead to some severe issues, it is always important to do your research and find a reputable rescue or breeder to get your new canine companion from. According to the American Temperament Testing Association, the English Bulldog population geta a score of 80%, which means that the other 20% have some issues that make their temperments less than desirable.  The issues you can find in a temperamentally defunct English Bulldog can vary, but animal aggression is most common. The English Bulldog went through a massive overhaul when the breed almost went extinct when Bullbaiting was outlawed in 1835. The breed was too aggressive, which is why fans of the breed took on the incredible task of trying to repurpose this breed as the perfect family companion. Animal aggression in the breed is a sad step back for these guys. While socialization, good introduction practices, and being a calm, consistent leader can remedy most problems. Real temperament issues can make the animal unpredictable at times, even despite our best efforts. With correct temperament and a high-level canine leader:  With a correct temperament and a calm, consistent canine leader in charge and English Bulldog can be a profound joy to be around. The breed can be a little quirky and have loads of personality. The English Bulldog has transitioned from a fighter to a lover, and they excel at their new role. This breed has a huge heart. The adore and are devoted to their humans and want nothing more than to lavish their people with all the adoration they have to give.  The English Bulldog is also a friendly one. They tend to do well with all varieties of people and other animals. But you would be hard-pressed to find a more naturally wonderful breed with children. English bulldogs are patient with the little ones, and they even tend to slip right into a material role. They will follow children around and keep them under a watchful eye. This breed genuinely cares about their families, and they are truly dependable.

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