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EBD Vs Corso Origins: The English Bulldog is a remnant of the Bullbating dogs of old England. Bull baiting was a bloody sport that pinned a pack of dogs against a bull, and the aim was for one of the dogs to latch onto the Bull’s nose and hold on until the Bull gave up and got so exhausted it went to the ground. This bloodsport was made illegal in the 1800s, and the bulldogs moved from one brutal ring to the next. This time they found themselves in dogfighting rings. After some crossing breeding bulldogs with terriers, the participants of this sport found they liked the mix better as it gave the breed more resilience. Things were looking grim for the Bulldog and like it might be bred out of existence. But, thankfully, so fans of the breed stepped in. They decided to repurpose the breed into a companion breed. The breed was altered considerably to have a more friendly appearance and weed out innate aggression needed for their previous employment line.  The Cane Corso also comes from a rather bloody and violent background. During the time of the Roman Empire, the Romans had occupied Greece, which had some very impressive mastiffs. The Romans were taken with the dogs and decided to bring them back to Italy and crossed them with some native breeds giving us the Corso or an early version of it. The Romans then used their new creation as fearless war dogs. As the Empire met its end, the Cane Corso was repurposed to be a hunting dog and guardian of families and farms.  EBD Vs Corso Appearance: The Bulldog and the Corso are quite different in appearance. The Bulldog is a medium-sized dog that has quiet “low” stature. They have short legs, big wide faces with dark eyes, and covered in wrinkles. Their stances are wide with muscular bodies that produce something of a rolling gait.  The Corso, on the other hand, is still an incredible athlete. They are well-muscled but also elegant and lethal in their appearance. Many even refer to them as being more “cat-like” in their movement. EBD Vs Corso Temperament: As we go forward with the rest of the video, it will be with the assumption that the dog has been given proper socialization and training from a young age. It will also be assumed that the dog is of correct temperament and disposition for its breed in order for us to make a fair comparison. With that little disclosure out of the way, let’s get into the temperament of these two breeds.  Both of these breeds adore their people, though it might be in slightly different ways. The Corso is more biddable and loving. The Bulldog is more on the loves to cuddle and a bit stubborn end of the scale. Regardless, these two live for their humans. The Bulldog is something of a character. They are known to be absolutely brimming with personality and can even be described as humorous. They tend to be on the lazier side and would be perfectly content to hang out with you on the couch all day. The Corso, in compression, is an active breed. They enjoy being active and have a rather high demand for physical and mental stimulation.  Both of these breeds also make good guard dogs. They will alert you if anything is odd. But the Corso is more capable of physically dealing with a threat. The Bulldog is resilient, and they often aren’t aware of their short stature- so while they may try to take on a threat, they wouldn’t be as effective as the Corso would.  EBD Vs Corso Trainability: Finally, let’s talk about the trainability of these two breeds. The Corso will definitely be the easier of the two to train. They are active, they like to be engaged, and they are highly biddable. They are also one of the most versatile mastiff breeds out there, so the things you can teach this breed are endless! The Bulldog needs a bit more motivation, and once you motivate them, you might have a hard time getting your point across. Consistency is an absolute must for this breed and is one of the best ways to instill them with good habits and get them in the frame of mind of knowing when you say it is time to do something, they need to do it.  

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