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English Bulldog Vs Staffordshire Terrier Appearance: The English Bulldog stands up to 16 inches and weighs up to 50 pounds for a healthy individual of the breed. This breed is hard to mistake for another as they have some very distinguishing features. Like their wide stance, big, loose lips, wrinkled face, and small pushed in nose. Their coat is short, and they can come in solids, piebald, fawn and brindles varieties. The Staffie shares the appearance of a lot of other bully-breeds. Their bodies are powerful and muscular with broad, strong chests, and sturdy legs. Their muzzles are shortened and with mighty jaws. Their coats are short and consist of stiff hair and come in solid and patterned colors. The Staffie can grow up to 16 inches tall and can weigh up to 38 pounds. English Bulldog Vs Staffordshire Terrier Exercise Requirements And Grooming Requirements: The Staffie and the Bulldog require about the same amount of exercise. In the case of the Staffie, it is because they have energy to burn. Whereas the Bulldog has some energy to expend, they need the workout more, so they won't put on too much weight and become obese. Both of these breeds are generally satisfied with a good play session and a decent walk. When it comes to grooming, the Staffie is a little bit easier- though not by much. The English Bulldog needs brushing 2-3 times a week, and they do shed more when the temperature changes. The folds of their skin also need a little more extra attention. The Staffie just needs occasional brushing to keep their coat in good condition, and they shed minimally.  English Bulldog Vs Staffordshire Terrier Life Expectancy And Health: For health matters, the Staffie also does a little better in this category. The Staffie can live 12-14 years as opposed to the English Bulldog whose average lifespan is 10-12 years.  The English Bulldog also has some health issues, and some of them you can almost expect to find most individuals, such as breathing problems due to their small noses that are set in more on their faces. They also suffer from eye problems, hip dysplasia, knee problems, and temperature sensitivity. On the other hand, the Staffie has a few issues such as NCL, which is a genetic disease that causes a decline in muscle coordination. Other health problems include thyroid problems, eye issues, heart problems, and hip dysplasia. English Bulldog Vs Staffordshire Terrier Temperament and Social Needs: As we go forward with the rest of the video, it will be with the assumption that the dog has been given proper socialization and training from a young age. It will also be assumed that the dog is of correct temperament and disposition for its breed.  One thing that rings true for both of these breeds is that they have personality and character! English Bulldogs are docile, brave, and should be friendly. But, when the situation calls for it, they seem to forget their size and react with high courage levels. Bulldogs are loveable towards their family and will happily set themselves up on your lap if you allow it.  The Staffie, in comparison, are confident, good-natured, and intelligent. The breed is personable, and they usually are very friendly. They are devoted family members and are quite loving. Though, it should be said that this breed should not be aggressive and reactive without provocation, which is why researching a good breeder that prioritizes stable temperaments is a must.  English Bulldog Vs Staffordshire Terrier Intelligence And Trainability: The English Bulldog and the Staffie are intelligent breeds. Though, you can count on the Bulldog to be a little more dependent and also more on the stubborn side- maybe even a little lazy. Both breeds tend to be agreeable, but the Staffie is more eager to please, and this makes for a more comfortable training experience as they are just so keen to please and want to make their people happy. With the Bulldog, it might be a little more of a struggle to engage, and consistency will go a long way in training efforts. English Bulldog Vs Staffordshire Terrier Child, Small Animal, and Other Dog Friendliness: With children, both the Staffie and the Bulldog are an excellent choice. But the Bulldog wins this category. While the Staffie is tolerant and patient with the youngest family members, the Bulldog is so incredibly loving, and they can even become almost material. They will keep a careful eye on their kids. Where small animals are concerned, again, the English Bulldogs come out on top. Their docile and calm nature really lends itself here. The Staffie does have a little more prey drive and can be more exuberant. This can lead to them to possibly give chase to the family cat, or another small critter. The Staffie can definitely succeed in this area, though, as long as introductions are done well and even better if they are raised with them.  And lastly, in terms of other dogs: the English Bulldog tends to do well towards other dogs in the household. Though, they can be somewhat aggressive towards dogs. They don't know. If they are well-socialized and get some time to get to know the unfamiliar dog, they will settle and not be reactive. On the other hand, the Staffie can be a bit more of a challenge in this arena. They do fine with other dogs in the household as long as they are more submissive. So, it is something just to be mindful of and keep an eye out whenever other dogs are around.

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