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This breed is honestly not the most active. They can even tend to fall more onto the lazy side and have little issues with snoozing on the couch most of the time or finding a nice comfortable place to sprawl out and relax. So, if you don’t have a very active lifestyle, this could be the perfect breed for you.  However, obesity can be a significant problem for this breed as they already have issues with breathing, and the extra weight can also spell trouble for their joints and overall quality of life. So, even if this breed would rather hang out, it is crucial to get them out at least once a day. Either for a play session in the backyard or for a nice walk around the neighborhood.  Though, it is also vital to remember that because of this breed’s short face, they can be faced with some breathing issues. So, if it is too hot or humid outside, you might have to find something for the two of you to do inside. And allowing them to overexert themselves is never a good idea as they can have trouble getting the air they need.  Mental Stimulation:  The English Bulldog also needs mental stimulation to keep them happy, and it just so happens that they love food as long as your Bulldog doesn’t have any food possession issues. So, food-related activities to stimulate them can be a fantastic way to engage their minds. You can get things like a foraging mat, puzzle balls, or kongs. Then fill them with food and let the Bulldog go to work on trying to get the goodies out of it.  If you don’t want to purchase any of these, you can get the same kind of effect by spreading some kibble over a grassy area. This also helps because it requires the dog to engage its nose and follow it to find the little bits of food to snack on.  Bad Outcomes: If you don’t give them the exercise they need, the worst outcome for this breed is obesity. Again, you absolutely do not want to deal with this when it comes to an English Bulldog. It can only exacerbate their breathing issues, and again it can damage their joints badly and which can cost you thousands of dollars to correct.  And even if this breed is on the lazier side, they still get bored, and the ways they may choose to relieve that boredom might not be things we appreciate, like getting into the trash or chewing on things that aren’t acceptable. 

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