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When looking into getting any puppy or dog, there are several factors that you should consider. Most of what I will be mentioning in this video can be applied to all dog breeders, but there are particular elements to be aware of regarding the health and well-being of your English Bulldog pup.  When buying an English Bulldog, it’s important to be aware that all dogs are individual and although the Kennel Club Breed Standard gives an ideal appearance for the breed, the Bulldog may be smaller or larger in height and may weigh slightly more or less than the given breed standard. English Bulldogs are very popular dogs in the UK and globally which means that the well-bred dogs can be very expensive – particularly if they are of a working line. A downfall to this breed being so popular is that there are many amateur breeders that breed the English Bulldog much too often in order to make a fast profit off them without actually caring for the puppies or mothers’ welfare. This can be incredibly damaging for the dogs. Under Kennel Club rules a female dog can only produce four litters and must be between a certain age to do so. So, it is extremely important to be careful when buying your dog as you should always be sure to ask for the relevant paperwork regarding the Bulldog’s line, vaccinations and microchipping. Due to the high price of English Bulldogs, a large amount of puppies gets imported from Ireland and the EU purely to be sold for profit rather than love for the breed. The health and welfare of these puppies is not of the main priority and when you are looking for a puppy to bring into your home you should ask whether the dog has been imported or whether they have been bred in the UK. A few signs to look out for to figure out whether the pup has been imported or not is, firstly, if they are over 15 weeks of age, secondly if their mother is available for you to see face to face and lastly, if your puppy comes with a passport. This is especially important to be aware of when buying your English Bulldog puppy. Leading on from this, a good breeder is one that will be happy for you to see the puppies personally. Transparency and trust between you and your breeder are significantly important, especially as this puppy is to be part of your family for at least the next 10 years of your life. There are two very different types of breeders that you could purchase your puppy from: an enthusiastic and hobby breeder or a professional, expert breeder. Now, which breeder you go for depends mostly on the kind of dog that you are after. Professional breeders tend to breed dogs of the working line, the dogs tend to be extremely capable dogs. A breeder that is enthusiastic about the breed and breeds the dogs as a hobby is also a good place to go, particularly if you are after a puppy to join your family. Hobby breeder puppies tend to be bred in the breeder’s normal home environment in close proximity with all the daily goings-on of their family. If the breeder has children in the setting then the puppies will be socialised from a very young age and the transition from the breeder’s home to yours will be very smooth, especially if you have young children. The more professional and expert breeders will also be socialising the puppies as they know the significance of this element in a puppy’s life in order to be a well-balanced and good-tempered dog. Some professional breeders will not breed the dogs in their home, but in a separate building outside of the home situation. As a professional breeder, they are experts in their field and know all there is to know about the breed which, as an owner, is extremely helpful. You should be able to ask your breeder any questions you have, and they will be happy to help you – they want the best for the puppies that they are selling.  Which leads us to the next point – be sure that you can visit the puppies place of birth, meet the breeders face to face, check out the breeding facilities, meet the mother of the litter and definitely ask for all the relevant papers and health certificates regarding the breed. Good breeders will be sure to have the relevant health checks as they are after the best dogs that are well-balanced in temperament and that they are not breeding any with extreme health conditions. Its super important to use your intuition when deciding on whether this the is breeder to purchase your puppy from. If you get along really well with them, you feel comfortable with them and the way they care for their dogs then they are most likely a very good breeder. They are people that know the breed extremely well and will most likely ask you a lot of questions which can seem personal, but it is proof that this breeder wants the best home for their puppies. Finding a good breeder doesn’t have to be a daunting experience and there are many ways you can find the best breeder for you. Be sure to check up on their reputation and credibility as breeders to make sure that they are a legitimate breeder that is officially registered, and will give you pedigree for your puppy and all registration papers in your name. The perfect breeder is proud of their dogs; they will have an excellent reputation and will be honoured to tell you all about their dog’s successes in canine competitions.

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