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Brushing The Bulldog's coat is short in length, and you might be mistaken in thinking this means they don't shed. They do actually shed pretty regularly, and you would be surprised at how much hair this smaller breed can leave around your home. Thankfully they don't have an undercoat, so you don't have any blowing of their coat to deal with. However, those short, coarse hairs can shed more frequently at certain times of the year.  The two brushes you should keep on hand for English Bulldog are:  A soft bristle brush And a rubber curry comb.  The soft bristle brush will be the go-to tool most grooming needs, and a quick run down with this two to three times a week will keep the Bulldog looking their best. On the other hand, the rubber curry comb should be the brush used when you notice the Bulldog is shedding more than usual as it does a good job of removing all of that loose hair.  Bathing When it comes to bathing an English Bulldog, it is good to wash them once every month or two. Take special care to get in between the wrinkles on their face as dirt, hair, and even food can get trapped in between the fold of skin. You will also want to make sure to dry these areas exceptionally well. As leaving moisture trapped between the skip can lead to yeast infections, skin problems, and just all-around trouble.  For shampoo needs, a high-quality natural ingredient dog shampoo is best. However, skin issues are not a foreign thing and are actually quite common. So, you might want to use a hypoallergenic shampoo right off the bat, and definitely make the switch if you notice any irritation. Human shampoo should never be used on any dog breed as the shampoo you and I use is not chemically formulated for a dog's skin and fur and can damage both. After bath time, give them some time for their fur to dry and then give them a quick brush down. Water can sometimes get trapped under the air and right against the skin. Not doing so can cause hotspots and other skin issues to appear. Eye Care Eyecare is a concern with the English Bulldog, and an eye inspection should become a part of your routine every time you brush. If you see any discharge, be sure to wipe it away with a cotton ball. You also want to check out the whites of their eyes and their eyelids as they can be prone to eye infections and Cherry eye- which is where the tear duck prolapses and starts to swell uncomfortably. If you notice any redness or an unnatural amount of discharge, it is time for a vet appointment. The English Bulldog is also one of the rare breeds where cleaning their eyes is recommended, and most agree it should be done weekly. You can use a sterile eyewash, and eye wipes to get the job done. Tear stains should also be removed when they are noticed. This can be done with a cotton ball and canine tear stain remover. The Bulldog's eyes are just so sensitive that you want to protect them from any bacteria and yeast growth anywhere near there eyes, which is why you want not to leave the tear stains just to sit. Lastly, ophthalmic eye ointment should be applied to their eyelids after any bathing or after using any flea treatment.  Ear Care Like all breeds with floppy ears, the Bulldog can be prone to infections. So, an ear cleaning a check also needs to be a part of your weekly grooming routine. This can be done quickly with a cotton ball and a canine ear cleaner. Just wet the cotton balls and wipe down the areas you can see. Do not push the cotton ball down in the ear as this can cause damage. You will also want to dry their ears after bathing or playing in the water as moisture can be retained in the ear and cause infection. Nail Care The Bulldog is also a breed that has faster-growing nails than what is average for most breeds. Their nails should be checked every two weeks to make sure they are not too long. If you hear any clicking of the nails on any hard floors, that is an audible cue that you need to pull out the nail clippers. Additional Notes  Earlier in the video, we did mention taking care of the English Bulldogs wrinkles. But, it is so important it is worth mentioning again. If it is not bath time and you want to keep them clean, you can wipe them with a baby wipe. Or cotton ball dipped in a little hydrogen peroxide. Just make sure to also dry the area well, even after applying any kind of cleaner that may dampen the area. 

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