5 Reasons Why YOU SHOULD Get A French Bulldog


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5. Reason number 5 – Frenchies are ideal apartment dogs

Because they are fairly small dogs do not require much exercise, French Bulldogs are ideal companions for apartment-dwellers. So, if you live in an apartment building and you want a dog, then you should seriously consider these charming little Bulldogs. Contrary to many other breeds, Frenchies do neither need nor appreciate long walks - or alone-time outside in a backyard: As they are a snub-nosed dog breed, they are very prone to heat-strokes and shortness of breath when exposed to hot weather or exercised too much.

Therefore, French Bulldogs are happiest and healthiest when provided with a nice, cool apartment, equipped with several comfy spaces to lie on. Of course, for a Frenchie to be fully happy and content, they require the company of at least one of their humans. These quirky little fellows are not solitary birds and will suffer emotionally when left alone regularly for hours on end.

If you can fulfil their need for human company, then you will be rewarded by an extremely sweet, loving and affectionate companion. Apart from a few nice playtimes and short walks throughout the day, Frenchies do not require much maintenance. As an added benefit, their short, tight coats hardly shed, and brushing them once a week is more than enough.

4. Reason number 4 – You are working from home

The French Bulldog’s need for human contact brings us to the next reason why you should choose them over any other breed: You are working from home.

Instead of travelling to an office, more and more people start working from home these days.

And whilst this transition from corporate workplace to home office can be a challeng, it is a blessing in many ways. For example, you have more time and flexibility to look after your kids, your house and garden, or – your dog!

So, say you always wanted a dog, but you did not want to leave it in the house all day long, whilst you were out working: Now might be the perfect time for you to plan for having a canine companion!

Perhaps you are not quite sure which breed to go for - but if you are watching this video, you might already have set your eyes on the Frenchie.

In many ways, the French Bulldog is the home office worker’s best friend: Apart from a few short walks, cuddles and playtimes throughout the day, a Frenchie will be more than happy to relax in a cozy dog-bed whilst you are working on your computer.

3. Reason number 3 – Frenchies bring people together

What we just discussed is closely connected to our next reason why you should get a Frenchie – they bring people together. They cannot help it! Because French Bulldogs are such affectionate little dogs who come with a unique, and utterly adorable, outer appearance, you should not be surprised if people want to pet your dog on your walks. And as the big heart of a Frenchie has plenty of love to go around, they will be equally happy to pour their affection upon any dog they might meet outside.

This lovable trait of the French Bulldog gives you a wonderful opportunity to meet and greet other people, including fellow dog owners. In the times we live in, many people feel socially isolated, so it has become all the more important to open up to others where possible. Having a few nice chats throughout the day on your dog walks is an excellent way to lift your mood, especially with a comical-looking dog like the Frenchie on your leash. Quite often, these sweet and funny companions make people on the street smile and want to talk to you.

So, if this is you – if you do feel lonely and isolated, and you have lots of time on your hands to dedicate to a dog -, then consider getting a Frenchie!

2. Reason number 2 – French Bulldogs are perfect family dogs

Even though they do not make the best guard dogs, French Bulldogs definitely excel in the role of family companion. These are wonderful dogs to have around, and they will happily embrace whatever situation you put them in. This extraordinary adaptability makes the Frenchie an ideal dog for nearly every household. Even families with small children and various other pets do not pose a problem for the Frenchie: They are experts in lavishing humans and animals alike with their affection.

If you have a busy social life, with many visitors coming to your house, the Frenchie will gladly welcome them in: Even complete strangers are included in their affection. Also, say you have a large family and you frequently go out to visit them: Your French Bulldog will be more than willing to accompany you. As long as they can be around people, French Bulldogs do not have a care in the world.

1. Reason number 1 – You want a laid-back companion dog

As many owners can attest, French Bulldogs thoroughly enjoy a mostly sedentary lifestyle: In between the short walks they do require, they are quite content to hang out in the house – preferably somewhere where they can see you. So, if your ideal canine companion would be a dog who will gladly join you for naptimes on the bed or snuggles on the couch in front of the TV – then, there is hardly any breed out there better suited for you then the Frenchie. They are the proverbial “couch potatoes” amongst the smaller dog breeds.

As these charming dogs do not require an elaborate and lengthy routine of exercise, runs off leash and extended walks, they are the perfect fit for anyone with a sedentary lifestyle.


There is no doubt about it: The French Bulldog is a unique an amazing breed with many lovable features. Their compact size and low exercise requirements make Frenchies the perfect canine companions for people from all walks of life. If any of the 5 reasons we discussed today resonate to you, then, you should most certainly get a French Bulldog!


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