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Perfect Puppy Course. Your step by step guide to raising a perfect canine companion and becoming a calm and consistent leader, to get it right first time round. 

Canine Boot Camp. Your one month program to becoming a high level canine leader, restructuring your relationship with your dog and addressing problem behaviours.

With Dogs they live with:  Let's start with how this brave, charismatic, yet stubborn little breed does with other dogs. The Frenchie was developed and refined to be a companion animal extraordinaire. Because of some very innovative breeding efforts, the Frenchie went from ancestors aggressive enough to challenge a bull and stubborn enough to cling to its nose until it submitted. The French Bulldog is a pretty friendly breed, and they tend to get on well with other dogs. Especially if that other dog is respectful. The Frenchie is a smaller breed, but don't tell them that they don't realize it, and if they feel threatened, they will try to defend themselves. They also really, really like their food. This can lead to some food aggression issues. Someone is not keeping an eye on them and remedying the behavior. They can also be same-sex intolerant. So, if you are considering a Frenchie and already have a dog, it might be wise to bring in one that is a different gender than the dog you already have. In Summary: Frenchies can be great with other dogs. Just watch out for signs of food aggression and consider genders. And socialization is critical for not only te Frenchie but the other dogs they live with as well. With Dogs they don't live with:  All Bulldogs can be leery of other canines they don't know, and sometimes they can even be territorial. Just because the Frenchie is small does not always make it an exception. Starting socialization from a young age and practicing good introductions will help set this breed up for success. Watch bigger dogs while around the Frenchie to make sure it won't get hurt or feel like it needs to defend itself. Also, same-sex intolerance does not apply dogs just in the Frenchies home. It can happen at the dog park just as easily. If steps are taken to set the Frenchie up for success, this breed can be great with other dogs, even strangers. They are a playful, friendly, and adaptable breed with a great sense of humor. Which is sure to make them some quick canine friends wherever they go. With small animals:  The Frenchie has no issues with small animals. They tend to get on with them well. The Frenchie is calm, dependable, and patient. So, they can tolerate small animals just fine. However, early introductions and socialization are always recommended for the best and most stress-free results.  With their Children: The French Bulldog can be an excellent choice for households with children. Older children aren't usually a problem. However, the Frenchie can be a little bit spunky, and it is a good idea to socialize them well with younger children. They need to get used to some of the behavior younger children display that a dog might find annoying. But once they are acquainted and used to this odd behavior, they really shine. This breed can have almost endless patience with children, and they really take them on as their own.  With other children: With children outside the home, but they still might interact with frequently, they can do well as long as they are set up for success and know what to expect. If they are, they can succeed with flying colors. The Frenchie is adaptable, so as long as they can get their barrings, they tend to go with the flow. Plus, their friendliness and playfulness really lend themselves well to their success with kids.

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