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Perfect Puppy Course. Your step by step guide to raising a perfect canine companion and becoming a calm and consistent leader, to get it right first time round. 

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HISTORY Let's dig right into each breed's history to get a better sense of how our cherished, modern canines were developed. The German Shepherd dog was bred and developed in Germany bred to protect farms and herds of sheep. They originally were not thought of as companions or brought into the house and stayed with the livestock all the time. That being said, they have excelled off the farm and in protection work for decades since the railways negated a large part of their job. The Vizsla is the modern version of the Magyar empire that trampled through Europe in the 800s before settling in the region of Hungary. The Magar people were known for their impressive calvary and bred the same speed, agility, and durability into their canines. The breed was refined over the following centuries by warlords and nobles alike resulting in the sleek gundog we know today. The breed was nearly extinxt after World War I but was brought back from the brink by faciers, then brought to the US in the 1950’s where they’ve gained stead popularity every since. APPEARANCE Moving right along to their appearance, you'll notice that the two breeds look nothing alike. We see the biggest contrast between the breeds in their coats and grooming requirements since the German Shepherd is known for its very long, dense, fluffy coat and undercoat. The German Shepherd will require brushing daily and quite a bit of care in the grooming department compared to the Vizsla. They are also bigger and range from 75 - 95 pounds, and of course, the bigger the dog, the more fur they have to shed all over your house. The Vizsla is smaller, ranging from 45 pounds to 60 pounds and have a sleek coat that shows off their lithe body. They shed seasonally like most canines but they have no undercoat which reduces shedding greatly year-round. That being said, they don’t have any insulation since they don’t have a double coat so you made need provide them with a coat or jacket if you live in a colder region. Their short coat can also make them prone to skin irritations so it’s important to check them for any rashes or bug bites. TRAINABILITY This brings us right into the trainability of each breed. The German Shepherd is highly intelligent and will make decisions for themselves without clear guidance from their leader. That being said, they are incredibly willing to please but can be bored easily and become stubborn if not given the proper mental stimulation. The German Shepherd is very eager to please and intelligent but will not become stubborn or wilful out of boredom so much as they will if they don't see you as their calm, consistent canine leader. The Vizsla is curious about everything and is as highly intelligent as they are energetic so a poorly trained canine can be a handful. Luckily, they love treats and affection so training them is quite easy for the experienced canine leader who can’t be easily manipulated. They have a soft personality and do best with a calm, consistent leader who will set clear boundaries and not waffle about them. The Vizsla is a combination of a pointer and retriever so they are excellent hunting companions and those characteristics are part of what makes them so easy to train. TEMPERAMENT Both are wonderful family dogs though their temperaments and motivations are very different. German Shepherds are well known for the police and military work they've done in both protection and scent detection as well as being service dogs to those with disabilities. The German Shepherd is also good with all children, and once they've matured and have a good sense of when they need to be gentle. The German Shepherd is very protective and known for its excellent guardian and protection instincts. The Vizla is a wonderful family dog but their guarding instincts are average leading them to be more of a watch than a guard dog. As far as being part of the family, Vizsla’s are exceptionally gentle and affectionate canines with children. They are typically very happy and friendly with strangers while maintaining close bonds with everyone in their immediate family. This is another breed that is Velcroed to their people and will follow you from room to room without a fuss. WRAP UP Experienced canine leaders will find excellent guardians and family companions in both the German Shepherd and Vizsla. Both dogs will thrive in active homes where they can get plenty of exercise and affection each day. Those looking for a top-notch home guardian will love the German Shepherd if their frequent shedding isn't an issue. Families looking for an active canine partner for agility or running will find the Boxer a playful and enthusiastic canine always up for an adventure. Before bringing either breed into your home, though, consider your level of leadership and the time you'll be able to devote to these loyal breeds.

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