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Due to their incredibly sharp sense of smell and intelligence, their tracking abilities are extremely impressive. Goldens have been accompanying search and rescue teams, helping to pick up the trail of people who have got lost in the wilderness of potentially dangerous environments. They also have a high tolerance to pain and are able to tolerate injuries that other dogs wouldn’t be able to because of their high level of strength and stamina – this means that they are able to search for long periods of time and rescue people from those harsh environments.  Not only are they incredible search and rescue dogs, they are very popular as therapy and service dogs. Goldens are eager to please and, with lots of positive reinforcement, can be trained to do many different jobs. They are known as guide dogs helping those who are unable to do many tasks by completing the tasks with them or for them. Therapy dogs must be loving, obedient, loyal, affectionate and smart, and Golden Retrievers fit this description perfectly. You often find Goldens in the role of therapy dogs for those who have experienced extreme trauma or who have emotional or mental health issues because of their gentle and caring nature. Their personality and offer of unconditional love is what makes these pups so loved and the perfect companion. Fact Number Two Golden Retrievers are considered to be the fourth smartest dog breed in the world - just behind Border Collies, Poodles, German Shepherds. This is the quality, as I mentioned in our first fact, that makes Goldens so incredible at a vast array of jobs and easy to train. Being easy to train has also meant that many Goldens have made it onto the big screen, starring in movies and television shows alongside human companions. You may have heard of Buddy the dog – but if you haven’t – he was the golden actor on the hit tv show ‘Full House’ as Comet. Comet served as a shoulder to cry on for the younger members of the cast which perfectly sums up a Golden Retriever. Buddy’s most famous role, however, was as ‘Air Bud’ where he played a Golden that found himself on a basketball team due to his amazing sporting skills.  Fact number three – Golden retrievers have water repellent coats. They have two layers of fur which is often referred to as a double coat. The dense outer coat naturally repels water and then they have a thick under coat as well. This water-resistant quality may just explain a Golden’s love for swimming even more. Along with their webbed toes and long tails, Golden Retrievers are amazing swimmers, and this is a quality which aids them in search and rescue teams and in cold weather hunting situations where they have to retrieve the game from different lakes, rivers and streams.  Although this quality is super impressive, their double coat means that Goldens shed all year round, specifically in the spring and autumn time. So as an owner of a Golden Retriever you will have to be prepared to find golden hairs absolutely everywhere, but if you brush your pup at least once a week then this can reduce how much you find around the house. Our fourth fact is that Golden Retrievers have incredibly ‘soft’ mouths. Golden Retrievers’ are known for their gentle nature and this is especially true with their mouths. It is officially called Bite Inhibition, where an animal learns to moderate the strength of their bite. This is usually learnt when they are at a young age when playing with their mother and siblings – they learn through biting each other during play that if they bite with too much strength then this will lead to play time being cut short. You may have seen the challenge where you give your Golden a raw egg to hold in their mouth and not crack it in order to prove their delicate nature and just how well-trained they can be. This quality is what has made these retrievers so good at retrieving game for hunters as they pick up and hold the ducks without causing any damage at all to them.  For our final fact today, we have the famous Golden Pinkie who was no ordinary pup. She served as a surrogate mother to three tiger cubs who lost their mother. Her caring and loving personality meant she took on this role with ease and raised the cubs as though they were her own puppies. Along with raising tigers, she competed and won various awards worldwide, including the Westminster Dog Show!

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