5 Reasons Why YOU SHOULD Get A Golden Retriever


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5 – You have never owned a dog before

Perhaps this is the first time in your life to consider getting a dog. Perhaps you have watched a few videos on YouTube about different breeds, but you are not quite sure which one to start with. You feel a strong preference to bring a rather large breed into your home – as you live in a house with a fenced backyard, and you have the time to walk your dog twice a day. And even though you are out working throughout the day, you have neighbours and family members who are willing to take your future dog out for walks and playtimes.

All these are ideal conditions for starting off your life as a dog owner – and a Golden Retriever is a perfect breed to start with. These beautiful dogs with their long and shiny, golden coloured coats are dedicated companions who absolutely love being around people. Contrary to many other large dog breeds, they are very eager to please their owners, which makes them easy to train. As long as you provide them with plenty of playtimes, walks and cuddles, they are naturally joyful and well-balanced dogs. Also, they are an extremely forgiving breed, which means any mistakes you may commit in your training can be easily corrected.

This is a very docile breed, so you will not have to engage in fierce battles of will with your dog to ensure they respect you as their leader: Golden Retrievers are notorious “people pleasers” and will do everything they can to make you happy with them. Of course, as with any dog breed, you might want to educate yourself on how to become a calm, consistent canine leader before bringing a puppy into your house. But all in all, if you want to start your journey off with a kind, mellow and extremely affectionate canine companion, then you should definitely get a Goldie!

4 – Golden Retrievers are PERFECT family companions

With its beautiful flowing, lush Golden coat and a face that seems to be permanently smiling, the Golden Retriever is a joy to look at and live with. Should you consider sharing your home with one of them, but you are not quite sure how they will react to your children – relax! There are not many breeds on the planet who are better suited for children of all ages than the Golden Retriever.

Their sweet and mellow disposition goes hand in hand with their love for children. Whilst gentle with babies and toddlers, Goldies make excellent playmates and companions for slightly older children and teenagers. Quite easily, your Golden Retriever can become your child’s best friend. Of course, as with any larger dog breed, you should never leave your small children and your dog alone together: Accidents can happen, like kids getting knocked over, especially if play sessions get more animated.

Whilst generally calm and affectionate in the house, Golden Retrievers love to be out and about. Preferably along with their humans! Therefore, they will be more than happy to accompany you on walks, visits, trips to the park, picnics – and many other fun family activities!

3 – Golden Retrievers love EVERYONE

And this brings us straight to reason number 3 why you should get a Golden Retriever: They truly love everyone and will happily embrace your entire circle of friends and family in their affection. The same applies for any other pets you might own. This is a beautiful trait in a dog, albeit one that makes it not well-suited as watch- or guard dog. But, say you have a busy household with lots of different people coming and going – in such a situation, you do not want a dog who is overly wary and suspicious of strangers. Especially if you have children, a people-friendly dog is a blessing.

With a Golden Retriever, your children’s playmates will be quite safe. And, as most kids absolutely adore dogs, your children’s friends will no doubt want to come over more often once you own a Goldie.

Golden Retrievers can be quite easily trained in house-manners, which includes politely greeting people at the door, staying in their place when told whilst you take care of your visitors and so forth. With a bit of practice and patience in getting your Goldie to that level of manners and obedience, your visitors will be impressed at how well-behaved your dog is.

2 – Golden Retrievers are a joy to live with

Which ties in nicely to reason number 2 why you should get a Golden Retriever: They are simply a pleasure to be around! The Goldie’s happy-go-lucky nature and their enthusiasm for life are contagious. This is why even experienced dog owners often prefer them to any other breed: These gentle dogs respond beautifully to any kind of training, be it obedience, canine sports like agility or flyball or even field trials. Also, as they get along so well with other dogs, they are a good breed to add to a household that already has a dog: Contrary to several other large breeds, Golden Retrievers are not prone to dog-aggression.

This alone can make your life as an owner so much easier, because it means – for example - that any doggy day care will be happy to take your dog.

As well, any dog-walkers you might employ will have an easier time walking your dog when it does not switch into attack-mode as soon as it lays eyes on another canine. And last but not least - having a peaceful, friendly dog will ensure your own peace of mind.

It is for good reason that Golden Retrievers are the breed of choice for so many owners with vastly different levels of experience. So, if you are looking for an easy-going, sweet-natured canine companion that will play well with others – and not get himself or you into any trouble – then, you should absolutely get a Golden Retriever!

1 – Golden Retrievers love the water

Not only are Goldies fun and easy to live with, but they are also extraordinarily talented waterdogs. To better understand their passion for the wet element, let us take a brief look at their history:

Back in the day in Scotland, the Golden Retriever we know today was created by crossing the existing Retrievers with Water Spaniels. The descendents of these breeds of waterdogs were excellent hunting companion, whose role was the retrieval of waterfowl that their owners had shut down. Now, as they had to do their retrieving in the wet, soggy marshlands of Scotland, these dogs had to be willing to jump into lakes, rivers, streams, and lochs.

For this reason, the love for water is deeply ingrained in the Golden Retrievers of today. Which makes them fun companions for games of fetch that involve your dog floatable toys from lakes, rivers or pools. Or non-floatable toys, for that matter, as several Golden Retrievers are known to dive down below the surface and pick up objects from the bottom of a swimming pool, lake, or even the sea!

So, if you yourself love the water and would like your dog to jump in with you, then you should definitely get a Golden Retriever!


One thing is for certain: The former waterdog from the marshes of Scotland has come a long way, and for good reason – this is one of the most friendly and lovable breeds on the planet. If any of the 5 reasons why you should get a Golden Retriever resonates with you, then perhaps should seriously consider sharing your life with one of these golden!

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