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Perfect Puppy Course. Your step by step guide to raising a perfect canine companion and becoming a calm and consistent leader, to get it right first time round. 

Canine Boot Camp. Your one month program to becoming a high level canine leader, restructuring your relationship with your dog and addressing problem behaviours.

If you are looking for a puppy to add to your family, the Golden is definitely a good choice. These golden dogs are known for their friendly, playful nature and love for everyone. They are so eager to please and to be as close to you as they can. The Golden Retriever is a great addition to an already active family that can take their pup on all their adventures and long walks. A Golden becomes part of the family as they so long to be a part of the ‘pack’ and are good with children of all ages. They are at their happiest when they are around people due to their remarkable social nature, they have unconditional for all which is such a beautiful quality of theirs’. If you tend to have family and friends over regularly, you can be confident that your Golden will be excited to have more people to get affection from rather than being against other people coming into your home. With good socialisation when they are a puppy with other people, other dogs and different environments or situations, your Golden will be much more used to a busy household and lifestyle. Golden Retrievers are fourth on the list of the top ten smartest dog breeds in the world which you may not have expected due to their occasionally goofy and playful personalities. They are highly intelligent dogs which means that they are easily trainable with consistency and patience. Their playful side can make the training process that little bit longer, but if you are prepared for those sorts of behaviours and are able to be persistent in training your Golden, then you and your Golden will make a great match. You can actually start to train your Golden puppy as soon as you bring them home at eight weeks old as they are so quick to learn and easy to please. Starting training at a young age is ideal with this breed as they grow up fast and consistent training throughout this growth prevents any bad habits that may be difficult to control when they are full size. This breed loves to be challenged and especially being rewarded with praise from their human companion. If you feel that you will be able to put in the time to train your Golden, then we highly suggest looking into this breed even more to see if they are the one for you. Their high intelligence can mean that they could pick up unwanted behaviours quickly, but as long as you are consistent in your training and correct them, then they will just want to please you. If you are an active person who is looking for an active companion to join you on your daily exercise routine, then this breed would be a perfect match for you and your lifestyle. Being a part of your routine is important to a Golden as they want to spend as much time with you as they can, so being able to exercise with them makes you great companions.  Golden Retrievers were bred as hunting dogs which means they had to have a very high energy level in order to retrieve gunned down game out in fields for long hours in the day. They may not be working as hunting dogs as your pet, but this high energy is inherent for the Golden and need to have at least two hours of exercise each day through two walks with opportunity for off lead running and plenty of playtime. Goldens absolutely love the water and this is deeply engrained in them from retrieving game from lakes and rivers in their hunting days, so if you are keen on swimming or other water sports, then you can be sure your Golden won’t let you do that alone.  The Golden’s friendly and bouncy personality make for a great pup to add to a family that has other animals already present. So, if you already have other pets like a cat, then with plenty of supervised socialisation, your pets will get on just fine. With plenty of socialisation with other dogs and animals, your puppy will grow up to be a well-rounded dog, confident and playful. Their longing to play is definitely what makes this breed so good with other dogs; all they want is to play with this new friend they have met. So, if you live in a neighbourhood that has a lot of dogs or you are unsure about whether you can bring a Golden into your home to join your other pets – you can be sure that with the right socialising and training your pets will get along very well. So, the Golden Retriever overall is a great choice for a first-time dog owner, but it is also important to be aware that all dogs are individual and, so how easy training is could depend on your dog’s individual personality. They are a loving addition to any family when you put in the time that they need.

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