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How To Stop Your GOLDEN RETREIVER Destroying Things

How To Stop Your GOLDEN RETREIVER Destroying Things


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Most Common Behavior Problems: Every breed can quickly develop behavior problems, especially when we aren't giving them good direction or communicating with them properly on what is acceptable and what isn't. Here are the most common behavioral problems that surface in the Golden Retriever.  They can start jumping on people and have lousy leash manners. The Golden is a breed with a decent amount of energy, and they are also easily excitable. This can sometimes lead to a Golden getting a little too overstimulated when meeting someone new or coming home.  Or they can start barking for attention. Sometimes we can easily enforce a behavior when we don't mean too, and this can be a common cause for this issue. The Golden is also a highly social breed, and this issue can also be caused by separation anxiety.  Destructive chewing. Goldens are an intelligent and athletic breed. This means they need loads of mental and physical stimulation to remain content, and without that, they can turn to other means of burning off some steam, like chewing on your furniture or getting into the trash.  Aggression issues. Yes, you heard that right—aggression issues. Goldens are a naturally friendly breed, but this does not mean they go without socialization.  Possible Downsides and Known Temperament issues: The Golden is a fun and loving breed, but there might be some downsides for you. Or it might not be what you are looking for in your next canine companion. So, let's go over some of the things in their temperament that could be seen and a negative.  The Golden is not a guard dog. If you are looking for a breed that will defend you or your family, you might want to take your search elsewhere. This breed tends not to have a mean bone in their body, and they are more likely to solicit pets from an intruder than to try and fend them off.  This breed is also not great at being alone. So, if long workdays are in the shoot, this might not be the right breed. Goldens require human companionship to thrive. They also would not be happy being an outside dog.  They mature slowly. Some Goldens never lose that puppy spirit. If you are looking for a breed that will get a little more serious, less playful, and more reserved as they grow older, this is probably not a right choice.  Every breed can have some temperament issues within the population. This makes it of vital importance to make sure you are acquiring your new canine companion for a reputable breeder or rescue. According to the American Temperament Testing Society testing, 86.5% of Golden Retrievers have a stable temperament. The other 14% of the population does not. Unstable temperaments can cause aggression, nervousness, unpredictable reactions, or adverse auditory or visual stimulation reactions. With correct temperament and a high-level canine leader:  Goldens with correct temperament and a calm, consistent canine leader can be a real joy. They are friendly, pleasant, and tend to make friends easily with both people and other dogs. The breed also does very well around other animals despite being bred to be a hunting dog. Though, they must get regular socialization from a young age, just like every other breed. They have a calm and sweet personality. These dogs generally have big hearts, and they love unconditionally. They can be gentle, patient, and overall an excellent dog to spend time around.  The Golden is also easy to train. They are people pleasers, and they are intelligent. This is a good combo is you want a breed that will catch on quickly to things and doesn't take much motivation to get them to want to learn.  Lastly, this breed is an active one. If you are looking for a hiking buddy or a breed that will be down to do whatever- the Golden is a fantastic choice as this fulfills not only their need to exercise. But their need to be with you as well. 

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