5 Reasons Why YOU SHOULD Get A Great Dane


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The great Dane has a long history dating possibly back to the Egyptians and more recently to the Romans. The Great Dane is considered a Mastiff breeds dog and in some areas of the world is referred to as a Danish mastiff. Originally, the great Dane was called a Boar Hound. A name they were aptly given since their original purpose was as a wild boar hunter.

Until the late 1800s, the Great Dane had the personality and temperament you would expect of a massive dog bred to hunt equally massive and ferocious game like wild boar. This is when breeders started bringing the dog into their homes and worked on mellowing the temperament of the breed. Today's Great Dane, as you might know if you have one or have been around one, is very much the opposite of their boar hunting ancestors.

Now that we know a little bit about the history of the grading let's jump into my top five reasons why you should bring this noble beast into your home.


Obviously the Great Dane is considered a giant dog breed and they do require space inside the home despite their mellow temperament. Because of their long tail, body, and legs, Great Danes aren't the best dogs for small homes or apartments because it's just too difficult for them to move around, or you to move around them. They do have a low to medium energy level that's obviously higher when they’re puppies, but they remain playful throughout their lives. Adult Great Danes need a solid hour of low impact exercise a day in order to work off their energy but in general, they are wonderful dogs for the people who aren't always going on intense hikes or runs.


The Great Dane is fairly intelligent, but not to the level of a modern working dog. This means they can easily learn all the basic commands that make for a well mannered canine companion with minimal fuss. But they can be easily overstimulated from raised voices if they do the wrong thing; the breed tends to be very emotionally sensitive. Because of their sensitivity, a Great Dane is a good choice for you if you are an experienced canine leader that is calm and consistent.


The Great Dane is a short-coated dog and despite their very sleek appearance, they do shed quite a lot. Obviously, being a giant breed there's more hair as well. Some Great Danes can be quite joule-y and tend to drool more than others so if you're okay with wiping up your floors around the water dish and brushing them, then you won't have too many additional cleaning chores around the house. Because their coat is so sleek they can be prone to skin issues as well as getting cold easily so they learn to love having warm outfits.


And like I said before, modern Danes have a very different temperament than their boar hunting ancestors. Today the Great Dane is one of the most gentle and friendly breeds out there. They are extremely gentle with children and generally very friendly towards strangers and other animals. They make a wonderful watch and potential guard dogs in the home because of their imposing stature and big deep bark. Despite their gentle nature most people familiar with the breed will attest to their fierceness when defending their family.


Great Danes are extremely affectionate and loving canines who bond very closely with their family and prefer to be around people at all times. They are very playful and enjoy trying to fit themselves in your lap even though they range from 120-200 pounds. They are not known to be independent and do best when somebody is home with them for the majority of the day. Because of this, and their clam temperament they are starting to make a name for themselves as emotional support animals.

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