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KANGAL! 5 Incredible Facts About The KANGAL

KANGAL! 5 Incredible Facts About The KANGAL


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FAMILY DOGS Thanks to the selective breeding of this dog, the Kangal is actually a great family dog! They have been bred to be gentle around livestock and people, despite their impressive size and strength. And they have also evolved their intelligence to know who and what is a threat to what they deem as their ‘property’. These dogs have an incredible mind that can evaluate a situation and whether or not they need to go into protection mode! They are sure footed and docile too, meaning that they aren’t one for careering about, threatening to knock over a child or unsuspecting adult!  STRONG BITE FORCE On the opposite end of the spectrum to their docile nature around people and livestock, the Kangal actually has the strongest bite force of all breeds of dog in the entire world. Their bite force is an impressive 743 PSI, which is stronger than German Shepherds, Cane Corsos and Rottweilers! These dogs are able to see off a wide range of predators in the ranges of Turkey, they’re able to take them down with a combination of their strength and agility. A wolf, the main predator in Turkey where the breed is a common guard dog, has a bite force of only 800 PSI, depending on its skull size. This means the Kangal is more than a match for this predator!  RUN AT 30MPH For a dog of its size, the Kangal is incredibly agile and quick! They have an impressive top speed of up to 30mph (50kmph), and its all thanks to their muscle tone and strength that they can reach these speeds. When you think of a fast dog, your mind will often pick a Greyhound, a dog of sleek build, long legs and a fierce prey drive! Never would you think of a dog that spends most of its day keeping watch over livestock such as sheep, living peacefully among them! The strength these dogs hold is just incredible, from the strongest bite force to an impressive running speed. They are not to be trifled with! The breed has many positive attributes that make them such a popular choice of guard dog, being able to run at such speeds means they can quickly intercept any dangers to their livestock or even to their owners.  THRIVE LIVING OUTSIDE When you think of a pet, you would probably never have thought about keeping them outside for 90% of their life, but with a Kangal, that’s the best place for them! They absolutely thrive out in the open. Living in harmony with various livestock, keeping watch over their territory and seeing off predators! They will need their own shelter but also the freedom to choose where they sleep. They’re highly intelligent and will put themselves where they feel they can best protect their property. They aren’t made for a life inside a home, everything about them physically, from their feet to their coat, protects them from the elements.  LOYAL Another remarkable quality of the Kangal is their loyalty! You will struggle to find another breed that has such a strong feeling of loyalty to livestock and their owners. This quality that was selectively bred into these dogs by the Turkish famers is one that runs deep. Kangal’s live out in the open, roaming freely among the livestock they protect. To have that level of trust in a dog is just astonishing when you really think about. These dogs are incredibly powerful, they can easily see off predators bigger than themselves and have the bite force to prove it. And yet, they can live alone among prey animals and be entrusted in keeping them safe without human supervision! 

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