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Intelligence: The Lab is a brilliant breed when it comes to intelligence. They retain training well and pick up on new things incredibly easy. They often hold around the 7th ranking on many the lists that seek to document the most intelligent breeds in the world. Trainability: If you would have guessed the Lab usually is easy to train, you would be right. This breed has some incredible brainpower- that with their unending desire to please makes for an incredibly biddable dog that is willing to learn almost anything you want to teach it. The Lab is also one of the most versatile breeds out there, thanks to how easy they are to train and their agreeable temperaments.  The Lab excels at many things and is still used for its original purpose of retrieving waterfowl for hunters, participating in field trials, working as bomb detection dogs, agility, rally, obedience, service dog work, and more. How to get involved in canine sporting events: Just a quick side note here- if canine sports sounds like something you would be interested in doing with your current or future Labrador, the best way to get involved in canine events is just to do a simple Google search for a club that specializes in the sport you would like to do in your area. Then reach out to them and see if you can go to attend a meeting, which can also be an excellent opportunity to socialize your dog or puppy. Tips for training a Lab: As for some tips for training your Lab, there are a few things we recommend. First, being a good leader to this breed goes a long way. The Lab matures slowly, and because of this, they can retain some very puppy-like traits. So, having them look to you for direction and be able to take cues from you that is time to be serious can go a long way.  Also, being hunting dogs, it isn't uncommon for labs to get overstimulated by their noses. To them, there are just so many exciting scents to follow and to explore, which can definitely put a damper on your training if there is a lack of respect from either lack of leadership or relationship. With individuals like these, being able to engage them is sometimes half the battle.  Lastly is exercise. The Lab is an active breed, and if you find they are having a hard time paying attention to you and you know the relationship is intact, and you are a good leader, this might explain some difficulties you might be having. This breed has a massive demand for physical stimulation, and if they are allowed to boil over- so to speak- from a lack of a physical outlet, they will be incredibly hard to engage. As they will just be so all over the place from all of that pent up energy- making exercise a vital part of trying to train any individual of this breed. 

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