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5.  SIZE  The Newfoundland is one of the largest breeds on the planet. They really are – HUGE. With size comes strength, and it has been said that if you weigh less than the dog, choose another breed. If your Newfoundland sees something he’d like to investigate, you’ll never be able to hold back but will most likely fly like a leaf behind him. Amusing for people around you, surely, but less so for you.  Size can also be an issue for where you live. If you live in a smaller apartment, be aware of the fact that your Newfoundland will take up all floor space when lying around sleeping. He’ll also take up all your bed, if you allow him to sleep there with you. Prepare on balancing on the edge of your bed with a small corner of your duvet.  So, if you’re a small person living in the city, perhaps a smaller breed may be more practical for you.  

4. ACTIVITY LEVELS If you’re a very active person who likes skating, rollerblades, bicycles and similar, the Newfoundland is not the breed for you. While they do enjoy long walks, hiking – and swimming, a responsible human must be careful to take care of their joints, so they don’t get hurt. They are a large breed after all, and too much or too hard exercise is not good for them.  So if you want to bring your dog on heavy physical activities, you may want to look at a breed that’s less heavy and perhaps also smaller, not to put too much strain on your dog’s body. 

 3. GROOMING A Newfoundland is a large dog. His coat is also long and thick, and requires plenty of grooming. If you’re not that interested in grooming your dog, there are couple of options for you. Either you trim his coat short so you won’t have to worry about the grooming part, or you choose another breed.  

 2.  LOVE OF WATER The Newfoundland was bred to love water. They are excellent swimmers and are strong enough to pull a drowning person to shore. Most of their working abilities are strongly connected to water, so if you find yourself being pulled towards the sea, the ocean, or even a puddle of water – don’t be surprised. However; if you are a person who’s not really into the huge, wet, filthy dog that needs hours to dry up properly, who leaves puddles of water inside your home, perhaps you should look at some other breeds.   

1. MENTALITY While many people getting themselves a really large dog for guarding, the Newfoundland is not the typical guard dog. His sheer size and calm demeanour may be awe-inspiring enough to scare of trouble-makers, but he has nothing of the guarding dog mentality. If you’re looking for a fierce dog to guard you and your home, the Newfoundland is not the dog for you. Should you be ok with your dog just being large and awesome, he could be the candidate for you, but in general, the Newfoundland is too kind and gentle to do a really good job as a protector like, for example, the Cane Corso. 

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