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5 Reasons YOU SHOULD Get a Siberian Husky

5 Reasons YOU SHOULD Get a Siberian Husky


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The Husky was bred, and is still used today, as a working dog pulling sleds across the Arctic

where cars and trucks aren’t an option. As you can imagine, Huskies handle cold weather

extremely well thanks to their thick undercoat and water repellent outer coat. The long hairs

on their outer coat are ideal for catching snow to keep it away from their body and act as

another layer of insulation just like a blanket would for us.

1. My first reason why you should consider adding the regal Husky to your home is their

adaptability. This breed thrives in cold climates but can tolerate the heat pretty well

too for short amounts of time. This makes them ideal canine companions for people

that live at high altitudes and in cooler climates. If you live in a warm place you'll need

to make sure they have access to cool air on the hotter days and can get out of the

rain. But really, this goes for any breed of dog.

2. If you have an active lifestyle then a Husky will be right there with you. Bred to run

over the Arctic tundra for hours on end as part of a dog sled team, the Husky has

endless energy and stamina to keep up with all of your adventures and does best

when they can get plenty of exercise. You’ll find that the Husky is up for adventure

anytime and loves to play any games that keep them close to you. A Husky loves

nothing more than being with its pack.

3. Because they were bred to work as a team with other sled dogs, the Husky is a great

choice for families that have other dogs or pets. They are extremely pack oriented

and hate to be left alone so if you have a busy house or are able to be home most

the time, you'll find a wonderful canine companion in the Husky. They can be

wonderful with children and aren’t overly protective so having their friends over isn’t

likely to be an issue.

4. Now, there are a few factors that go in my number 4 reason you should get a Husky,

but in general, you'll find that most Huskies have huge personalities. Many of them

keep a puppy-like quality their entire life and will play with themselves and other

members of their pack in hilarious ways. They are a very vocal breed that howls and

makes a lot of noises imitating your speech patterns. Because of their vocal nature

and energy level, they require consistent boundaries and training for when they

should be quiet or calm and when it’s acceptable to cut loose and let their

personalities shine.

5. Now for my fifth and final reason you should get a Husky, and you probably know

where I'm going with this one; They are a wonderful family dog. They love being part

of a big pack, of humans or dogs and are incredibly loyal to their family. They have

the energy to travel with you without taking up too much room and are always up for

an adventure and a cuddle. They are a good watchdog because they are so vocal

and their playful personalities make them great companions for children.

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