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Intelligence: The Husky is a wicked smart breed. Though, it might not be the same kind of intelligence that we would associate with breeds like labs or German Shepherds. While the Siberian can still learn a wide variety of skills, it isn't as biddable as the two aforementioned breeds due to the breed's somewhat independent nature. This can make it a little harder for any canine leader to get their Siberian to want to participate in long, repetitive training sessions.  The Siberian also has something of a mischievous streak to it. This can be trouble for novice owners who aren't on the lookout as the Siberian can very easily pull one over on their owners.  Trainability: Like we mentioned a little earlier, the Husky can be a bit more challenging to train. With Siberians being a more primitive breed and they have a very keen pack mentality. Coupled with their intelligence and independence, the Husky is one breed that absolutely needs a calm, consistent leader at the helm as a lot of your training will flop without consistency and respect of the dog.  What can you train a Siberian Husky for?  Aside from basic obedience, there aren't a ton of events that Siberian's actively participate in. Of course, they do sled racing or canine sporting events that have to do with pulling. Siberians are also commonly used as working pack dogs. This is an event where the dog is loaded up with a weighted backpack and then is taken out on a hiking trail. How to get involved in canine sporting events: Just a quick side note here- if either of these sports sounds like something you would be interested in doing with your current or future husky, the best way to get involved in canine events is just to do a simple Google search for either a sled racing club or a working pack dog club in your area. Then reach out to them and see if you can go to attend a meeting, which can also be an excellent opportunity to socialize your dog or puppy. Tips for training a Siberian: Lastly, let's go over some tips you can employ when training your Siberian to get the most out of your training sessions.  We mentioned it just a moment ago, but it deserves another due to its importance. The Siberian needs consistency. Because of this breed's intelligence and independence, doing long, drawn-out training sessions will not be the most productive. They will quickly get bored with that kind of approach. Patience is going to be your friend, followed closely by persistence. Try to stick to shorter sessions, even if you are doing multiple sessions a day. Keep the Huksy's intelligence in mind. Let their brains go to work and try to give them a moment to figure out what the right answer is, and as soon as they get the right answer, make sure you are enforcing this positive way to condition them to know that is what you want.  Siberians are definitely a breed that does better when the training environment is a more upbeat one. If you feel frustrated call, it quits and come back to it at a later time. If you are having fun and want to participate odds are they will do too. If you aren't feeling it, they will be able to tell, and it can make things counterproductive.  Try to keep your training sessions fun. Huskies are a playful and cheerful breed that enjoys having a good time. So, if their canine leader can bring these qualities into training sessions with a Husky, it can lead to very fruitful training sessions. So, fun games to play that also help you train your husky would be things like a Recall hide and seek. This is where you go and hide and then call the dog to you and see if they can find you. 

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