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The Siberian is an active and intelligent breed that is actually incredibly hard to wear out. This breed should not be underestimated in how much work is required to keep them happy. So, they are definitely not for the more laidback or inactive owner.  The Siberian was developed as a sled racing dog. Meaning they have a lot of stamina, are used to pulling heavy things, and doing so over rough terrain. This is why Huskys are still used for sled racing and utilized as working pack dogs to this day.  The first thing you need to know is that the Siberian likes to run. So they make excellent on lead running companions, on lead hiking companions, or biking buddies. The "on-lead" part is crucial here as it is in the breeds nature to move quickly and travel. Which can find them lost before either of you have realized what has happened. So, the husky is always best on a lead or in a fenced-in area when you are trying to drain all of that physical energy.  Mental Stimulation:  With the Siberian Husky physical stimulation is only one side of the coin. The breed is intelligent, and they do need to have their mind worked. Just running them out will not be enough all by itself if you are not also tiring out their active minds.  Mental stimulation can be achieved by doing some basic obedience work with them.  Or you can use something like a foraging mat where you place some food on the mat and allow them to sift through it to get to the pieces of food or treats. Puzzle balls also work wonders and really engage the Husky's mind to get the goodies hidden within.  Suppose you don't have either of these- no problem. You can achieve the same result by doing something simple- like taking a cup of kibble outside to a grassy, fenced-in area, scattering it around, and allowing the dog to sniff out the pieces of food. This not only makes the dog have to think but rely on their sense of smell to locate the pieces of kibble.  Bad Outcomes: If you don't allow your Siberian proper physical and mental stimulation, you will have some rather undesirable consequences to deal with. This breed can become incredibly destructive and will attempt to ease their frustration by chewing on things they shouldn't, excessive howling, getting into the trash, or excessive digging- the breed does dig anyway, but it will be much, much worse if they do not have an outlet and are left to their own devices. This breed can also become very hard to control when they have too much energy and might jump up on people or get too feisty when they do finally get the chance to let loose. This can be a problem if they are interacting with older family members or playing with younger children. 

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