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Siberian Husky Vs Doberman Appearance: The Siberian Husky and Doberman are both unique in appearance, and these two breeds tend to be easily distinguishable. Let's start with the appearance of the Siberian Husky.  The Husky has a wolfy appearance. It is a primitive breed and is not that far removed from the ancestors of all canines. They have a long thick coat that protects them from harsh weather and water. A long, narrow muzzle and ears that stand upright. And almost everyone is familiar with their famous blue eyes. However, they can also come in brown or have a Heterochromia, with one eye being each color. The Husky also comes in a variety of different colors, such as solids, piebald, and agouti. For height and weight, this breed can grow up 23 inches and weight up to 60 pounds.  The Doberman is known to be an imposing and intimidating breed. They are a streamlined and athletic breed. With their long, spend muzzles: their dark, intelligent gaze and their traditionally cropped ears and docked tails. The Doberman can come in many colors, but they are most well known for their black and tan coats. The Dobermans coat is short, and the hair is coarse. Dobermans can stand up to 28 inches and can weigh up to 100 pounds.  Siberian Husky Vs Doberman Exercise Requirements And Grooming Requirements: The Siberian is going to be the less physically demanding of these two breeds. Though Siberian does have the energy to burn. They were bred to pull heavy sleds over unforgiving terrain, and they do like to run. They need some kind of activity to make sure they don't drive you and themselves crazy. The Doberman, on the other hand, is a level up from this. The breed almost needs a job to be content, and they need a lot of physical activity and mental stimulation.  For grooming, the Husky requires more grooming as they need to be brushed a few times a week. The Doberman can do with just the occasional brushing, and with their coats being so short, it is rather easy to get the job done quickly. However, it might be surprising to know that the Doberman sheds more. They regularly shed, while the Husky sheds seasonally. But, when the Siberian does blow its coat with the changing seasons, you have better be ready for some serious amounts of hair everywhere.  Siberian Husky Vs Doberman Life Expectancy And Health: For health and life expectancy the Husky is the more fortunate of the two. Their life span tends to be anywhere from 10-12 years. The Doberman also gets an estimated 10-12, but experts in the breed are now saying the actual life expectancy is now closer to 6 years of age.  The Husky's genetic health issues or environmental issues they are most prone to are hip and elbow dysplasia, and eye issues. However, the Doberman is not as fortunate, and as of recent years, some serious health concerns have become apparent in the breed. The breed's genetic diversity has been severely diluted. In California, UC Davis Genetics lab decided to look into this further and found out of all of the breeds they tested that Dobermans have the lowest genetic diversity. The most urgent health concern for the breed is DCM, or Dilated Cardiomyopathy, a heart condition that results in death. It is estimated that at least 58% of the breed population across Europe have the disease. The gene for DCM is still a mystery, and the disorder most commonly presents after breeding age, so it is something that currently can not be screened for.  Health issues for the Doberman don't stop at DCM, unfortunately. They also suffer from Hip and Elbow Dysplasia. Von Willebrand's Disease is a clotting disorder that is not the same as hemophilia but presents with the same inability for an open wound to properly clot. Wobblers disease, which is caused by an issue in the neck and spinal vertebrae. This causes uneven gait and mobility issues. 50% of cases of Wobblers Disease across all dog breeds are found in the Doberman alone. The list of health issues continues with hypothyroidism, albinism, Chondrodysplasia, Chondrodystrophy, and IVDD risk. Siberian Husky Vs Doberman Temperament and Social Needs: As we go forward with the rest of the video, it will be with the assumption that the dog has been given proper socialization and training from a young age. It will also be assumed that the dog is of correct temperament and disposition for its breed.  Both of these breeds are incredibly social and highly dependant on the company of their families. They need to connect with their family, and once they do, they need to be around them to truly thrive. The Siberian tends to be pretty friendly with everyone, people and other dogs alike. They are also a poor choice for a guard dog as they don't tend to want to make friends with people more than they are on the alert. The Husky is also more independent and somewhat mischievous. The Doberman, on the other hand, is a true guarding breed. They can be aloof with strangers and will not hesitate to put themselves in harm's way for the sake of their families. The Doberman is highly sensitive to their people and bond so closely to them they can pick up on things you might not expect.  Siberian Husky Vs Doberman Intelligence And Trainability: The Siberian Husky and the Dobie are both intelligent breeds. However, the Doberman is the easier of the two. They are people pleasers and like to learn things just because that is what their person asks of them. The breed is also incredibly versatile. In comparison, the Husky can be more of a challenge as they are more independent-minded. But, if you can make the process fun and engaging, it will be an easier task.   Siberian Husky Vs Doberman Child, Small Animal, and Other Dog Friendliness: When it comes to children, both of these breeds get equal marks. The Husky is just friendly with everyone, and the Doberman is devoted to every member of their family. One can expect to see a more patient side when they are dealing with children. Unless they are not properly exercised in which case their excitement and high energy can get the best of them and might cause them to be too rough with a smaller person accidentally.  With small animals, the Doberman is going to be the better choice. This breed does have a prey drive, but if they are raised with small animals and properly socialized with them, they can do exceptionally well. The Siberian is not always the best choice for small animals. The breed is primitive as has a very high prey drive. Sometimes they can be okay if they are raised with small animals, but sometimes they just can't help but give in to their instincts to chase. The Husky is a better choice when other dogs are involved. Not that the Doberman is terrible with other canines, but it just comes naturally to the Siberian. They are a pack oriented breed, and their friendliness makes them get on with other dogs well. Both dogs they live with and those they don't. The Doberman can get along with other dogs, though they might be territorial or skeptical of canines they don't know. 

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