SIBERIAN HUSKY! Why Are They GOOD! Why Are They BAD!


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Our first positive point about the Siberian Husky is that they are extremely friendly and good-natured dogs. This is a major positive, especially if you are a big family with children of all ages. Huskies are known to be really great with children and are not known to be aggressive dogs. Being pack orientated dog, they absolutely love to be in people’s company which means they are good with strangers – they tend to love everyone they meet which is a great quality. However, if you are looking for a watchdog then the Husky is not going to be the best choice as they thrive off the attention and company, so would most likely not consider any stranger or situation a threat. Obviously, all dogs’ temperaments can vary due to other factors which is important to be aware of when getting a pup; they may not always be as you expect as they are individuals like we are.  Moving on to our second pro of the video – Siberian Huskies are incredibly versatile dogs. Huskies are highly adaptable to new environments and situations. If you are someone who likes to visit new places, that may be quite busy, your Husky will be a great travel partner. They are incredibly social dogs by nature, so if you like to have family and friends round a lot, you can be sure, with proper and consistent training, your Husky will welcome them in without being wary of new people entering their home.  The Husky’s high energy and athletic build means that they require at least two hours of exercise every day – depending on who you are and your feelings towards exercise, this could be either a pro or a con. If you are an active person day to day then the Husky could be a great addition to your lifestyle. However, if you are not able to provide this high requirement of exercise each day then the Siberian Husky may not be the most appropriate breed for you.  The first con of this breed is that the Siberian Husky is not the best choice for first time dog owners. Although they are highly intelligent and have an amazing ability to learn, the owner of a husky should be a confident, experienced dog owner who will set strict rules and boundaries and can be very consistent in training. Due to the Husky’s independent mindset, they are extremely difficult to train as they are not overly eager to please their owner. They thrive off attention from their owner, but their independent nature means that they’re very happy to just do their own thing and do not feel the need to please you. This independent and intelligent personality of a Husky can lead to destructive behaviours, bad habits or just general mischief. This is why the Husky is best suited to an experienced owner that can keep consistent rules and have the time to train this strong-willed dog.  When getting a Husky you should be aware that these are not dogs that shed lightly. They have a thick double coat which features a medium-length hair with a straight topcoat and a dense and soft undercoat. They shed profusely all year round and especially during the spring and autumn. This is particularly important to know about the breed if you are not someone who can deal with finding hair on your furniture, on your clothes – just absolutely everywhere. Although, depending on the climate you live in, the level of shedding can differ – in cooler temperatures they tend to shed less than those who live in warmer climates. Huskies do require regular grooming to avoid their fur matting and reducing the amount of hair that you find around the house. During the heavier shedding seasons, the Husky needs to be brushed daily to reduce the amount of hair shedding over your home. This can take time and effort to do which is important to be aware of if you do not think that you could keep up with that level of grooming. The Husky is a stunning breed with high intelligence and a loving and friendly personality towards all. However, it is important to consider both the pros and the cons to a breed before deciding if they are the pup for you. 

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