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THE COCKER COAT AND GROOMING The English Cocker Spaniel has a medium-length coat, flat or slightly wavy, with a silky texture. Their legs, chest and belly are covered with longer hair called feathering, which is more than just pretty to look at it. Feathering helps protect your Cocker’s body from scratches or other injuries as he plows himself through the field.  A Cocker can come in a range of colours. The perhaps most common colours are white with markings in black, liver or shades of red. Other colours can be solid black, liver, shades of red, black and tan, and liver and tan.  Regardless of colour; your Cocker Spaniel will need some assistance to keep his coat clean and free from tangles. That’s where the brush comes in handy. You’ll need to brush him every other day or so to keep his coat free from those tangles and mats, not to mention all those leaves and other interesting things that’ll get stuck when he’s been in the field. If you’re interested in showing your dog, you’ll need some more advanced grooming. The best way for you to learn is to ask your breeder for instructions and perhaps a workshop so you can learn the best way to trim your Cocker’s coat to look the best.  And IF you are one of those people with little or no interest at all in grooming, it is of course possible to trim your Cocker’s coat so it’s short all over. While this is not breed standard, some owners of Cocker Spaniels do this to avoid the coat-grooming process altogether. NAILS, TEETH AND EARS Now, while the coat is important enough, your Cocker’s nails are way more important. You need to trim those at least once, preferably twice a month. If they grow too long, it’ll affect your Cocker’s gait, how he stands on his paws, which in turn can cause damage on his skeleton and give him pain and serious discomfort.  The issue of brushing a dog’s teeth is heavily debated in some areas. The good thing with it, just as for us humans, is that it prevents tartar from building up and tooth decay. Seen from that perspective, it should be no debate at all. If you haven’t done this before, consult your vet or a pet store. They’ll tell you all about it and show you how it’s done, which tools to use and so on. Everything to give you the best conditions to prevent damage to your dog’s mouth – AND expensive bills at the vet’s to fix your dog’s teeth as he gets older. The Cocker Spaniel has long, floppy ears. With ears like these, it’s important to check them regularly, preferably once a week (at least!). You want to prevent excessive production of wax, or moist to gather up in the ear canal. You want to look, smell and clean your Cocker’s ears, and you can do that with a cotton pad and a gentle ear rinse. If it’s smelly, red or otherwise looks funny, you may want to book an appointment with your vet.  SUMMARY The English Cocker Spaniel is one handsome dog. While he isn’t the most demanding breed when it comes to grooming, he still needs some love and attention.  Now, some dogs doesn’t like this kind of handling. It’s your job to make sure your dog understands that these things are necessary. Don’t be mean about it, but practice that calm, consistent leadership that we talk about so often here at Fenrir. Make the grooming process a bonding experience for you and your dog. Make it nice, safe and cozy, and the whole thing will be much easier on both you and your dog. And that, my friend, wraps up today’s video on the issue of grooming your Cocker Spaniel. I hope you learned something new, and that you’ll come back for future videos on everything you didn’t know you need to know about the glorious Cocker Spaniel. 

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