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#5 ENERGY/SPACE Jumping right into my number 5 reason is the energy and space requirements of this little sporting canine. They are still used as hunting companions but the majority of them enjoy a life of leisure as purely a companion these days. The Cocker loves to play or be where their family is so you’ll find that a few brisk walks or some solid playtime are more than enough to keep the breed healthy and calm in the home. They are still sporting dogs so they can be conditioned for longer walks or jogs and even fast-paced agility competitions. They are an ideal choice for low to moderately active homes looking for a sweet companion. #4 TRAINABILITY/INTELLIGENCE Moving into reason #4, like their larger Spaniel cousins, Cockers are extremely eager to please and are highly intelligent. You’ll find that even first-time canine leaders can easily train basic obedience to complex agility commands with this breed. They will excel at agility and obedience with the right leader who never uses harsh correction or inconsistent boundaries. Their affectionate personalities and big eyes can tempt even the best canine leader to let them break the rules or get a few extra treats so it’s something to be mindful of when considering this breed. Cockers are very devoted and genuinely want to do the right thing making them ideal for inexperienced owners or those looking to advance to higher levels of obedience. #3 GROOMING/SIZE Halfway there, my #3 reason you should consider the Cocker is their grooming and appearance. The Cocker is considered the smallest of the sporting dog breeds weighing between 20 to 30 pounds. Their small size is good news for their family too because their long silky coat requires daily brushing and frequent grooming to prevent mats and tangles. They have heavy feathering everywhere except their face and this includes their ears which are especially prone to mats. A full show coat on a Cocker is a sight to behold and their coat makes them appear to almost float as they trot around the show ring and pools when they lay down. In this, they might be ideal for a home interested in competition, or for older people who have the freedom to brush them thoroughly each day.  #2 FAMILY/GUARDING When it comes to children and bonding with the family, it’s hard to find a more loyal and affectionate canine than the Cocker. They are playful and love to interact with children and other dogs. Beware of their game bird hunting instincts if you have a small animal like a bird in the house though. They will happily play with cats when socialized with them early on and a quick game of fetch gets them and children outside for a bit each day. They are one of the most friendly breeds out there so they could make a decent watchdog, but don’t count on them to guard or alert you of approaching strangers during the day. They make ideal companions for homes where their family and friends are always coming and going since they won’t fly off the handle at everyone who walks in the door. #1 AFFECTION/INDEPENDENCE And to wrap it up with my #1 reason the Cocker might be the best fit for your home is their incredibly affectionate and loving nature. These little canines have huge hearts and simply adore every member of their family and love to meet anyone new. They are equally happy sitting at home with you all day as they are out walking the town and looking for a pet from anyone who can’t resist their sweet eyes. They don’t do well alone but can be okay if there is another dog or two. This breed is all about their people so they are perfect for homes where someone is always there most of the day. WRAP UP It’s easy to see why they were the most popular dog for nearly a decade in the US and are still a favorite around the world. This sweet and compact canine is sure to brighten your day and provide structure to people who are home all day. Take an honest look at your lifestyle and potential changes you see coming. If you have the luxury of being home most the day and gave give the Cocker all the love and grooming it needs, then they just might be the perfect canine for you.

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