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Perfect Puppy Course. Your step by step guide to raising a perfect canine companion and becoming a calm and consistent leader, to get it right first time round. 

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Springer Spaniels have been favorite hunting dogs in Europe for centuries. Their name actually comes from their working role finding and 'springing' game birds from their hiding spots in tall grass. These extraordinary canines will sniff out the game with their powerful noses, point at it before charging, and then retrieve the game downed by the hunter.  After a long day of work in the field, they love coming home to curl up in a cozy spot with their family. They love to be cuddled on and make fantastic canine companions for active homes. It's easy to see why they've changed little over the years and are still used in this and companion roles today. #5 ENERGY/SPACE Now let's jump in reason #5 this might be the perfect breed for you, and that's their energy level. The Springer Spaniel has the energy level you would expect from a working dog whose job was to run back and forth around fields all day. As such, they need plenty of exercise each day to work off their energy. If you can provide this, then they are quite happy to live in small homes without a yard. A Springer would be an ideal hiking or running partner and would even enjoy long walks. They are considered to be a medium-sized breed and take up very little room since they'll be very close to you all the time. This breed is a fantastic choice for active homes of any size who enjoy long walks or runs or want to use the breed for hunting. #4 TRAINABILITY/INTELLIGENCE That brings us to reason #4. Springer's are one of the most devoted and willing to please temperaments in the canine world and are generally easy to train. They have a keen sort of intelligence that picks up on commands very naturally and absolutely thrives with a calm, consistent canine leader who will show them tons of affection. They have soft personalities so they don't do well with harsh corrections or blurry boundaries. Their willingness to please makes them a great choice if you're not a super experienced canine leader but are able to give them lots of affection and exercise. #3 GROOMING/SIZE Sliding in at reason #3 is the grooming requirements of the breed. Surprisingly, the Springer has relatively low grooming needs even though they have long silky coats. Like all dogs, you'll want to wipe them down if the weather is wet and brush them regularly. Other than that, you'll find this breed isn't a heavy shedder and is neat when eating and drinking. The only thing you'd need to watch out for is the feather-like fur on their long ears that can be prone to matting if not cleaned and brushed regularly. They are a great match for those that like to keep a tidy home but aren't obsessive about cleaning either. #2 FAMILY/GUARDING Now let's move right along to reason #2 and that's how the Springer handles family life and guarding the home. When it comes to family the Springer is gentle with children and affectionate with everyone, even strangers. They stick close to their family and primary leader and may be watchful of strangers for a short time, but their desire for affection quickly overrides their wariness.  They aren't a guard dog but generally make pretty good watchdogs. Like most canines, they'll defend their home and family if it comes to that, but they shouldn't be thought of as a guarding breed. If you're looking for a loving canine companion to alert you when something is amiss then the Springer Spaniel just might be the dog for you. #1 AFFECTION/INDEPENDENCE Finally, my #1 reason why you should consider adding this amazing breed to your home is their affectionate nature. You've probably figured out from everything else I've said, but the Springer (like most Spaniels) is extremely affectionate and devoted. They don't do well in homes where they are left alone all day or separated from their people.  Springer's absolutely thrive when they can be close to and touching you at all times and stroking them for hours on end is actually quite relaxing for people too, thanks to their luxuriously silky coats.  For homes in need of an energetic and affectionate canine companion, there are few better than the Springer Spaniel. If you are able to be home most of the time, give them plenty of exercise, and love endless cuddles, then the Springer Spaniel is the canine for you.

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