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Our first fact today is that the Staffy has a very calm demeanour. Although the Staffy tends to get confused with the American Pit Bull which does not have a good reputation, the two dogs have an incredibly different demeanour. The American Pit Bull is not a vicious dog and it has only gained that reputation from the way it has been bred improperly or trained wrongly, but the Pit Bull is actually a calm natured dog. The Staffy is very calm by nature and can even make the Pit Bull seem as though it is the complete opposite. The second fact is that the Staffordshire Bull Terrier loves to have a job to do. You may not have expected this but it is very true. Like the German Shepherd or Border Collie, Staffies need to be given a job regularly to keep them busy and to show your affection for them. There are many different jobs that you could train your dog to do and it gives the intelligent dog a purpose aside from just being able to give affection. A lot of this serving a purpose comes from the years of breeding as they have always been bred for a purpose. It is also a great way to prevent boredom which could lead to unwanted bad habits or destructive behaviours. Staffies seem to know when they are performing a job and when they are just a pet. When they are working at a role they tend to have a very serious attitude towards it. They are great working dogs as they take it seriously and have a desire to get the job done due to their eagerness to please you. Training them to do something like this will then show them what is expected and will often do the job without even being told to. Our third fact about the wonderful Staffy is that they are very affectionate and known to be very tolerant of children. Of course, some dogs will be more affectionate than others depending on their individual character and temperament and it is always very important to meet the dog prior to purchasing them to make sure that the temperament will work well in your family and lifestyle. Commonly the Staffy is a very affectionate breed, they are loyal and love to be around people. In general, the Staffordshire Bull Terrier is a dog that likes to be given affection and also likes to return the affection to their owner. This makes for a great family dog that gets along very well with children. Obviously, as with all dog breeds, they need to be very well socialised and trained consistently from a very young age to grow into a gentle and well-balanced adult Staffy dog. The Staffy is known for forming strong bonds with their owners and many are surprised at the strength of these individual bonds that the Staffy forms due to their misrepresented reputation. They usually develop the strongest bond with one or two individuals in the family, but generally the bond is shared between everyone in the household. The fourth fact about the Staffy is that they look much fiercer than they actually are, as previously touched on in our previous facts. One of the most interesting things about this breed is that they can sometimes have a somewhat menacing look about them. It isn’t because they’re aggressive, but a lot of it has to do with their overall build and the shape of their head. They also have these intense eyes that can seemingly look right through whatever they might be staring at. This usually gives most people the idea that the dog would just as soon attack them as anything else, but this is not correct. People probably also think they look fierce because they do bear such a strong resemblance to the Pit Bull, a dog that seems to find itself in the news on a regular basis, giving many people the impression that it is a vicious breed of dog. Because these two breeds look so similar, many individuals think that the Staffordshire Bull Terrier is vicious, and they become almost fearful upon merely seeing one which is very saddening as the Staffy is such an affectionate and people-orientated dog breed. Our final fact about the Staffordshire Bull Terrier is that they really do make great pets. As a breed they have several admirable qualities and because of all of these traits they generally make wonderful pets for a family. As long as you give your dog the proper amount of exercise and mentally stimulating activities then you will have yourself one very happy and well-rounded family dog. As well as exercise, they adore affection and as I already mentioned they are extremely people orientated and spending time with their owners is essential in maintaining a happy and healthy life.

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