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To get us started, let’s talk about what the Staffy actually needs in terms of exercise. This breed is an active one that can be pretty demanding. But, unlike some other breeds, they do have an off switch and can chill out once their needs are met. Some individuals in the breed can vary slightly. Some might be good with a long walk or a play session in the backyard. In contrast, some others might need a bit more and might require you to take up hiking or biking to really tucker them out.  It should also be noted that this breed can also be heat intolerant, and might they can have a hard time when the weather is very hot or humid outside. Making you have to find a way to deal with this bundle of energy inside- which might not be the most straightforward task if you have a more demanding individual.  Mental Stimulation:  Many people tend to think that most canines are good to go after a long walk. But, the Staffy is an intelligent breed, and on top of some sort of physical workout, they also need mental stimulation. This is helpful on those days if you can’t get them outside because it is too hot and can also help to tire them out if done right.  Mental stimulation can be achieved by working on some obedience work. Especially, is the Staffy is learning something new, and it makes them really have to use their brain to figure it out.  Other good ways to work a Staffy’s desire to think and learn is to provide them with toys like puzzle balls or foraging mats. These are objects that you hide food inside, and the dog must figure out how to get the food for themselves. Kong’s stuffed with something can also be another good method.  Or if you can manage to get outside and you don’t have any of these things on hand, you can take a cup of kibble and sprinkle it around a grassy area. This is also a good way to get a Staffy to use their nose and makes them have to seek out the little bits of food.  Bad Outcomes: If you don’t provide a Staffy with both a physical and mental outlet, you are in for a bad time, and some pretty significant behavioral problems can develop. They can become destructive by chewing on things, rummaging through the trash, chasing something that they shouldn’t- like the house cat. And these issues are on the mild end of the scale. The worst case is some more aggressive behaviors starting to develop or the dog getting itself into bad situations. Like running out of doors or into unsafe areas because they are just so frustrated and have so much energy that they are desperate to just do anything at all with.

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