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Brushing The Staffy is a short-haired breed and doesn't possess and undercoat. But this doesn't mean they don't shed. This breed is an occasional shedder as old hairs come loose and are replaced with new ones. Like most breeds, shedding is increased during spring and fall when the temperature starts to change.  A Staffy does still require weekly brushing. It is important to keep their skin healthy. Removes any dead hair that might otherwise be uncomfortable, serves as a great bonding exercise, and allows you to keep a close eye on the Staffy's skin for any skin problems that are common in the breed- like hot spots, atopic dermatitis, and mange.  For your weekly grooming sessions, all you really need is a bristle brush. A good quality bristle brush is long enough to remove any loose hair or dirt and is not hard enough to damage the Staffy's skin. A rubber curry comb also works wonders with this breed, and as it is soft, they tend to enjoy it. When it is shedding season, you may need to up your brush game a bit. Something like Furminator for short-haired dogs is a wise choice. Just make sure the right sized brush for the dog's hair length is used as they come in several different sizes. Using one that is too large can do damage to the dog's top layer of hair. It is also important to be gentle when using this brush. There isn't much fur to buffer the comb's teeth from getting to the skin, and pressing too hard can result in irritating the dog's skin.  Bathing When it comes to bathing, you can expect this to be a regular part of having a Staffy. The breed is an active one, which tends to get dirty from time to time. For a Staffy, you will want to use a high-quality organic shampoo. Never use a shampoo made for humans. Human shampoo is not chemically balanced for dogs and can actually destroy some of their coat's natural properties and leave them more vulnerable to parasites.  For Staffy's with any history of skin issues, it is always safe to use a hypoallergenic shampoo not to risk a flare-up of a skin condition.  A Staffy should be brushed both before and after a bath. Before removing any loose hair and again after to prevent matting. Even though they have short hair, their hair can still very easily matt when wet. Matted hair on a Staffy can lead to hot spots, flares up with skin issues, and even cause infections.  Eye Care For eye care, Staffies do not require anything special unless otherwise recommended by a vet. Sometimes, they are prone to some discharge which should be gently wiped away when it is noticed.  Ear Care The ear care of a Staffy can be a little more complicated. As they have floppy ears, they can be a bit more prone to infection. After baths or swimming, they should be dried using a dry cotton ball to soak up any excess water. They also require monthly ear cleaning. A dog cleaning ear solution being the best product to use to do so. You mustn't use a Q-tip or push a cotton ball into their ear any further than what you can see. Any further and you risk doing damage to their inner ear. If you see any redness or any excess crusty build up in their ears, then it is time for a vet visit as these can be signs of infections.  Nail Care Nail care for a Staffy is what you would expect with any breed. How often nails need to be clipped can be up to the individual and diet. A good indicator of if nails need to be clipped is if you hear them clip against the floor when the dog stands up. Or when they are walking around on a hard surface.  Additional Notes  The Staffy is an easy breed to handle when it comes to grooming. Just make sure to use an appropriate brush on them a few times a week, brush after bathing, and keep their ears clean, and you will be golden.

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