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Breed Standard:  While the Staffy should be a muscular breed, with the muscles being easy to spot and well defined under its tight fitted coat- it is also important to remember that this breed is also an agile one. The dog should also be proportionate. So, its legs shouldn’t be too long, or it’s back extending too far. If the dog is standing and you are looking at it from the side, the frame of its torso and legs should form something close to a square shape.  The head of a Staffy should be broad and deep, with those pronounced cheeks. However, their face shouldn’t be set too far in. Their eyes should be dark, with some leeway for lighter fur colors having more vibrant eyes. The nose should also be black.  The Staffy is one of the smaller breeds of the Bully family. But they should not lack in power and substance- but again, keep in mind they should still be agile- not hulking.  The males Staffy should be between 14-16 inches tall and weigh up between 28-38 pounds where females can be the same height but should be a little lighter at 24-34 pounds.  Faults:  Next, let’s talk about some faults in the Staffy breed as far as appearance goes. This doesn’t matter so much if you are picking your Staffy companion from a rescue. But, if you are going the breeder route, you need to develop a critical eye on what the breed should look like. All breeders will produce a dog here and there that falls outside of the standard, but those whose dogs normally fall outside of the standard can be red flags.  One of the biggest faults seen in the breed is nonadherence to the height and weight guidelines of the standard. So, pay close attention to the height and weight of individuals.  Another fault is a pink nose or pink skin around the eyes on dark-colored dogs- though the skin around the eyes may be lighter if the dog has white fur by its eyes.  One of the more serious faults in the breed has to do with ears. A Staffy’s ears should be a “Rose” type. This means they aren’t entirely floppy, but they also aren’t erect. Fully erect or large floppy ears  The last thing we will cover is the Staffy’s coat- it should always be that short, coarse hair that is easy to care for, and their skin should always be tight against their body. So, you don’t want to see any skin that is sagging or a lot of wrinkles- if any.  Color and patterns: The Staffy comes in a large variety of solid colors and patterns. The accepted colors for the Staffy are red, fawn, white, black, and blue. Any of these colors are acceptable with white. Any shade of brindle or brindle with white are also among the standards accepted colors.  There are some other colors within the Staffy breed that are throwbacks to the bulldogs they were bred from, such as black and tan, as well as shades of liver. Neither of these colors are accepted by breed standards and are considered an automatic disqualification in Staffy shows and events. 

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