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Most Common Behavior Problems:

First, let's look at some of the most common behavioral problems in this breed when a calm and consistent canine leader isn't at the helm.

One of the most common problems that can arise in a Staffie is that they can be destructive. Between their intelligent and active mind and their high demand for companionship with their owner, this can spell disaster. Which can cause them to try to find mental and physical stimulation in ways that we humans don't always appreciate, like rummaging through the trash bin, chewing on furniture, toys, or anything else we don't want them to chew.

One of the other common behavioral issues with this breed can be animal aggression. Staffies can be excellent around other animals if they have been properly socialized. Socialization needs to be taken seriously with this breed as it is a powerful one, and when a fight does break out, the Staffie can do some severe damage.

Possible Downsides and Known Temperament issues:

Sometimes we like the idea of a breed, but when it comes down to it, there might be things about some breeds that might not be ideal for us, or it might not fit into our lifestyle. So, let's cover what might be seen as a potential downside to the Staffies temperament.

This breed has an iron will. They are not pushovers and need someone who is confident and consistent with who they can learn to look for direction. They can also be somewhat stubborn, which could make the training process a little more complicated. There is also less wiggle room with this breed than there are others. The Staffie needs to have a clear understanding of the rules and should never be allowed to deviate from those rules the point where they don't even see it as a consideration.

Even with good socialization, this breed is a no-nonsense one. And with other canines and does not appreciate being challenged. The Staffie came about after the fall of bullbaiting when bulldogs were reemployed in dogfighting rings. It was shortly after that they found crossing these bulldogs with terrier created more resilient fighter. Though the breed hasn't been used for legal dogfighting for some time, however, some of the instincts are still there. This is why it is so vital to watch interactions between them and other dogs to make sure the Staffie isn't being pushed into the mindset that it needs to lay down the law.

There are always bound to be some temperament issues among every breed. The Staffie has the good fortune of being one of the breeds with a more stable temperament among the entire population. According to the American Temperament Testing Association, 90.1% of Staffies have sound temperaments. But, this also underlines why acquiring a Staffie from a breeder who prioritizes temperament. Or a good rescue as to not end up with one of the other 9.9%.

Temperament issues come in all shapes and varieties, like nervousness, anxiety, aversion to visual and auditory stimulation, and unnatural aggression. For a Staffie, the most common temperament issue is heightened aggression or nervousness. This breed should be friendly unless provoked and should also be confident instead of nervous.

With correct temperament and a high-level canine leader:

With all of the potentially bad things out of the way, let's get into what makes this breed so awesome and why it surpassed the English Bulldog and Lab in the UK for the countries favorite dog breed!

These are really sweet dogs, and they are very family-oriented. They enjoy being with their family, whether to do an activity or hanging out. The Staffie also has a good reputation with children and tends to be patient with them.

The breed is very loyal, and even though they are incredibly friendly and make friends easily, they don't have a problem letting the brawler in them resurface if they feel their family is in trouble. Which also makes them sensible family protectors.

The breed also has a lot of personality. They are true characters and can even be a bit goofy at times. Which is sure to bring enjoyment to their family or anyone they are friendly with.

They are active are always up for anything. As long as they get to spend time with their people, they are happy to be a constant companion.

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