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Staffy Vs Doberman Appearance: The Staffy is what you would expect from a Bully -terrier type of breed. It has a short, stocky body, thick, powerful jaws, a short coat, an ever wagging tail, and a friendly, playful gaze. The Staffy is on the smaller end of most of the breeds in this subcategory. They can grow up to 16 inches tall and weight up to 38 pounds.  Almost everyone knows the Doberman. The imposing, dark-colored dog that comes across as both lethal and elegant upon first glance. And until recently, those cropped ears and a docked tail that just adds to their imposing visage. The Doberman is larger than the Staffy but a decent amount. They can stand up to 28 inches tall and weight up to 100 pounds.  Staffy Vs Doberman Exercise Requirements And Grooming Requirements: How active are you? How active of a dog do you want? If your answer is that you want something forever ready to go on a hike or up for a romp in the yard, you are in company with these two breeds as they are ACTIVE. They have vast amounts of energy- with the Dobie being the more demanding of the two. If you can only commit to one walk a day or a good play session in the back yard, the Staffy will be the better choice for you. Because, while they are active, they are not "Doberman" level active.  Grooming for these two breeds is easy. So, unless you really like brushing and want just to spend hours combing your dog out… Either of these two would be a great bet. They both do shed regularly and will need to be brushed weekly to reduce the amount of fur all around. Thankfully, it is labor-intensive, and all you really need it a good bristle brush and a rubber curry comb to help you combat the shed and keep them looking great.  Staffy Vs Doberman Temperament and social needs: As we go forward with the rest of the video, it will be with the assumption that the dog has been given proper socialization and training from a young age. It will also be assumed that the dog is of correct temperament and disposition for its breed.  What about social needs? What about temperament?  These two breeds bond tightly with their people, and yes, they are the kind of breeds that want to be around their person always. No matter what. They need to be a member of the family, and nothing will kill a Doberman or Staffys happiness quicker than being left alone for long, long periods of time or being resigned to an outside only dog.  The Staffy is playful, friendly, and courageous. They are frequently used as guard dogs even if they are smaller than what most traditionally picture as an effective guard dog. What they lack in size, they make up for in heart, and anyone who thinks a Staffy is a pushover just for being a little smaller will have a very rude awakening when they try to pull something nasty with a Staffy's family. The Staffie loves every member of their family. Children included. They are great to have around kids as long as their energy is managed. Small animals aren't so fortunate, however. The Staffie can be taught to be accepting of the house cat. But some individuals within the breed have still have way too much prey drive and just can't help themselves. Other dogs are on the questionable side of things too. Staffies can definitely be friendly, but they need to coexist with individual canines that aren't going to challenge them. The Staffy has a no-nonsense policy of this and will lay down the law to a fellow canine who forgot their manners.  The Doberman is intelligent, alert, and fearless. It was one of the first breeds to be produced for personal protection. So, you can probably imagine how seriously they take the job of guarding their humans. They bond so much with their humans, and the stress you feel can radiate through them and make them physically ill. The Doberman is an all-star with kids. They turn up their patient side and handle it in stride. Small animals can also be okay too. They do have prey drive, but they can be a little more agreeable to get on the same page with about the household feline not being a chew toy. They also like other dogs. Well, the ones that they live with. They can still be wary of strange dogs and not like them encroaching on their turf. Staffy Vs Doberman Trainability: The trainability round has to go to the Doberman. This is a highly biddable breed that wants to learn, they want to please, they want to do whatever makes you happy, and they are so, so versatile. As long as you are a good leader to them, if not the Doberman might try to do you a favor by taking the reins. The Staffie is also a people pleaser, but a stubborn streak tends to flair up when they hit maturity. They are easy to train and puppies and almost follow the Doberman's lead on wanting to learn and please. But, as soon as they mature, your foundation with them has to be in place, or it will be bad news. 

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