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Now, our first fact today about this impressive breed is that it actually, at one point in history, came very close to becoming extinct. Industrialisation may have played a large part in this almost-extinction of this beloved breed. Rotties were herding dogs and if cattle no longer needed to be herded then the dogs were no longer needed. This happened because in the middle of the 1800s, railroads were built, and roads were paved which made it much easier for people to transport herds of cattle. However, this was only an almost-extinction as Rottie enthusiasts kept the breed around and by the 1900s Rottweilers were given the new job of working as police and military dogs.  Our second fact today is that the Rottie breed has actually only been in the United States for a relatively short amount of time. Most people believe that the dog breed has been in the US for as long as other breeds of dog that have been there for years and years, but that is not true. The Rottweiler breed has only been in the United States since the 1920s which is not very long at all considering the long history of the breed. It is believed that the breed came to America when someone who had been living in Germany immigrated to the US and brought the dog with them. This can sometimes cause a lot of confusion in where the Rottie actually first originated from as many will assume, they are from Germany when actually they originate from Rome.  Moving on to our third fact today about the impressive Rottweiler which is how incredibly popular they are. Although breed numbers have decreased to a certain degree, there was a time not too long ago when Rottweilers were considered to be one of the most popular breeds of dogs in the world. During the 1990s, they became one of the most sought after breeds in the United States with a registration of more than 100,000 dogs in the US alone. However, they decreased in numbers due to issues that related to the breeders which put people off having Rotties. Part of the problem is related to puppy mills which is where most people got their dogs from during the peak of the Rottie’s popularity. Breeders were just unable to meet the demands of the breed’s popularity in the 1990s and it ended up that the puppy mill operators and other breeders bred a staggering amount of puppies. They were not paying any attention to whether or not these dogs were being bred well – they were not ensuring that the dogs being bred were healthy and well-balanced in temperament. Many purchasers of the puppy mill Rotties ended up with dogs that had serious health concerns or had behavioural and mental issues. The dogs ultimately payed the price for the lack of responsible breeding done by the breeders.  Now, the fourth fact about the Rottie is that they are actually very obedient. There was actually a time in the Rottweiler’s history where they were considered to be one of the most obedient dogs to ever have existed. They were used in many obedience contests and generally did extremely well as a breed in those canine competitions. When a Rottweiler has been in the right hands; when they have been bred responsibly, properly trained and extremely well socialised the Rottie can be one of the most well-balanced and obedient dog breeds. Truthfully, you need to have an obedient Rottie because of their sheer size and strength – you need to be able to control your dog as they could easily overpower you. A Rottie that is not obedient could potentially hurt someone without even meaning to just because of how large and muscular they are. It is really essential to give your Rottie the proper obedience training which should continue to be reinforced throughout their whole life. For our final fact today, Rottweilers are easily one of the most intelligent breeds of dog. This has been proven with their large capacity to understand commands and even be able to think things through. However, like most highly intelligent dogs, they have a tendency to get bored very easily and if they are not given enough exercise and mentally stimulating activated to do then they can begin to develop some destructive behaviours. It’s really important, as an owner, to spend a lot of time with your Rottie, taking them on walks, playing with them and giving them activities, which requires them to figure things out. It not only keeps your dog happy, but also strengthens the bond between you and your canine companion.

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