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5 Reasons Why YOU SHOULD Get A Rottweiler

5 Reasons Why YOU SHOULD Get A Rottweiler


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According to the AKC, the Rottweiler is ranked the 8th most popular breed in America, and it just as popular and well known around the globe. In today's video, we will dive into this breed and find out why it is so popular and why it could be the perfect breed.

 Reason Number 5- If you are looking for a family protector.

The Rottweiler can be big goofballs with their families. But, if any threat presents itself, this breed will not hesitate to show a not so comical side. If its family is in danger, this brave and courageous breed will quickly switch into warrior mode and rush to their loved one's defense. The Rottweiler is an incredible breed that won't hesitate to show how devoted it is to its loved ones by putting its life on the line.

The Rottie also serves as an incredible deterrent, so the odds that they might have to engage someone or something are relatively low as most threats get the hint by just looking at this breed and hearing its no-nonsense bark. If you are looking for a loving family guardian to be a wonderful family pet but also a serious force to be reckoned with in a time of need when called upon, you should consider a Rottweiler.

Reason Number 4- If you want a genuinely devoted breed.

The next reason you should get a Rottweiler is that they are such a loving breed. This breed is devoted to its family. They enjoy nothing more than being with their family and have even been known to think of themselves as lap dogs, and they love to snuggle at the end of a long day. Once you gain this breeds trust, you have a true best friend for the rest of its life.

This breed also wants to be near its people. So, if you are looking for a companion ready and willing to accompany you everywhere or shadow you around the house, this breed is an excellent choice. Their hearts are truly massive, and the love of a Rottie who has been raised in a loving home with a good canine leader is truly an experience and quite the treat.

Reason Number 3- They are easy to groom.

If you want a large guardian breed that won't have you pulling out ten different kinds of combs and brushes to groom, or spend hours doing so, the Rottweiler could be the perfect breed for you.

While the Rottweiler does shed, and quite frequently, their coats are relatively easy to manage. Though a quick, unchallenging brushing every other day and quickly reduce shedding and hair around your home. The tools you would need are simple ones, a basic brush down with a pin brush when younger or a slicker brush in the adult phase will get the job done. Though there is a lot of coat to brush just considering the breed's size, you can quickly get through the entirety of their coat in ten minutes.

Reason Number 2- They can live pretty much anywhere.

The Rottweiler would make a good choice for someone who lives in an apartment and wants a calm, confident guardian- given their apartment will allow the breed as some do have restrictions on it. The Rottie does need exercise, but they would be fine with a decent walk and maybe throwing a ball around with them for a little while.

This breed also does well in different climates, this breed is rigid and well insulated, and you won't find them bother by cold weather. They also do fine in hotter climates as well as long as you are mindful of their black coats, which attract and hold in heat and move them inside or to a cooler location if it looks like they are starting to overheat.

Reason Number 1- They are intelligent and highly trainable.

The Rottweiler is considered the ninth smartest dog breed in the world. If taught correctly, they can consistently learn a new command after five exposures to it. They can also accurately obey that command 95% of the time. But because this breed is no-nonsense, training from a young age is a requirement and not optional.

The Rottie is eager to please and eager to learn whatever task you want it to do, which makes it a pleasure to work with. If you enjoy the training process and want a smart breed that will learn and catch on to new behaviors quickly, this might be the perfect breed for you.


The Rottweiler is an excellent guardian breed who can do well in any environment and whose whole existence is dedicated to loving and protecting its family. Though, socialization and training are an absolute must for this breed. The time and effort you put into this breed will be paid back tenfold. There are also some health issues and temperament problems with the breed, research into a good reputable breeder or rescue is also a must to make sure you are obtaining a healthy and stable individual of this one of a kind breed.


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