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Perfect Puppy Course. Your step by step guide to raising a perfect canine companion and becoming a calm and consistent leader, to get it right first time round. 

Canine Boot Camp. Your one month program to becoming a high level canine leader, restructuring your relationship with your dog and addressing problem behaviours.

Rottweilers are a very demanding breed and are much better suited to people who are familiar with their specific needs and who has enough time to dedicate to training their dog. Rottie puppies require a lot of socialisation with other animals and people of all ages, alongside being taught boundaries so they understand who is the leader of the pack that they listen to, respect and look to for direction and guidance. It’s important that this is done in puppyhood before these impressive dogs grow into large and powerful adult dogs; without this they can easily overpower you and act as though they are the alpha in the pack. When a Rottie bonds with their family, that bond remains very strong throughout their life. They are completely devoted to their owners and can be great pets when given enough exercise and mental stimulation each day.  The Rottweiler is a very intelligent breed – they are actually one of the most intelligent dogs in the world – and, because of this, they have the ability to learn new things extremely fast. This may sound like they are an easy dog to train, but their quickness to learning means that they pick up bad habits easily as well as listening to your commands. They need to be handled by someone with a firm, but sympathetic approach consistently from the moment they come home as a puppy and throughout their whole life. This is another reason why the Rottweiler is not the best choice for someone who has not got experience of training a Rottie and may not be aware of the requirements to have a well-balanced adult dog. As with all dog breeds, you are required to provide them with lots of socialisation from a young age with strangers and other animals for them to grow into a good-natured and well-rounded adult dog. Socialisation is incredibly key with the Rottweiler and that it is done at a young age as it is common that Rotties that have ‘bad experiences’ during the first few months of their lives grow up to not have well-rounded temperaments and this can develop into a major issue for you and for your dog.  You may know of the breed as commonly being used as guard dogs. This guarding trait is instinctive to the Rottweiler and this is a significant trait to be aware of as an owner before bringing a Rottie into your home. The instinct to guard and protect means that they do not need to be taught this. The Rottweiler is a loyal dog that loves its’ human companions. They thrive off being with their owners and tend to follow you around to check out what’s going on or just to be near you. That being said, Rottweilers really do thrive off being in a home environment and hate being left alone for any length of time. They are a good choice of dog for people that work from home or for families where there will always be someone in the house with them when others in the family go out. Leaving a Rottie on their own for long periods of time can lead to them becoming very distressed and developing separation anxiety. It is not fair on your dog to bring them into a home where they will be left on their own all too often.  Rotties are high energy dogs that need a lot of daily exercise along with plenty of mentally stimulating activities in order for them to be happy and well-rounded dogs. Being a larger dog, they need a lot of space to roam, so a secure garden is highly recommended. They need a minimum of 2 hours of exercise every day which should be a combination of walks, off-lead runs in a safe environment, playtime and mental stimulation. As an owner you will need to be able to provide this level of exercise for your dog to maintain a fit and healthy lifestyle. It’s super important to do lots of research before making your final decision when getting your puppy, so we highly recommend watching more videos and reading up about the breed. Overall, the Rottweiler is not well suited to first-time dog owners due to their highly demanding needs for attention and requirement for consistent training and socialisation throughout their lives. They are extremely well suited to an owner that is able to provide a home environment where their Rottie is not on its own and they know how to handle such a dog when training them and dealing with stopping any bad habits developing. 

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