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The Rottweiler – Tidy Housedog or Notorious Shedder? The Rottweiler is one of the most powerful guardian breeds in the world. Fiercely loyal and protective, this dog is guaranteed to keep yourself and your home safe. And quite surprisingly, Rotties even make good apartment dogs: They are not prone to excessive barking and will be happy to settle down in the house after walks and playtimes.  But what about their grooming needs? Are these devoted guardians notorious shedders who need tons of brushing and washing? The good news is that Rotties are in fact surprisingly easy to keep clean: They have short, straight and coarse double-coats that hardly shed. Outside of shedding season, that is – in spring and autumn, Rottweilers lose their seasonal coats and require more brushing than normal for a few weeks. The amount of underwool Rottweilers have largely depends on the climate in which they live. But in any case, the best tool to extract dead and lose hairs from their undercoat is a Furminator specifically designed for short haired dogs. Apart from shedding season, you only have to brush your Rottweiler once or twice a week with a pin brush and a natural bristle brush. By the way, grooming your dog not only removes the dead hair stuck in their coat, but it also stimulates circulation and distributes the natural oils in their skin.   Do Rottweilers need Baths? Unlike other breeds with long and plush coats, Rottweilers do not need regular baths to stay neat and clean: One bath once every two or three months is sufficient. In the meantime, you can quite easily remove any dirt or dust by wiping your Rottie down with a wet washcloth. If you have a yard or garden, you can also spray them down with a hose to remove excess dirt. When you do bathe your Rottweiler, use a mild dog shampoo and rinse the dog thoroughly to remove any soapy residue. Because their coats are so short, Rotties air-dry quickly. To remove any remaining loose hair, it is best to brush them before and after the bath. And if you want to give their coat an extra-nice shine, rub them down with a chamois leather cloth after the bath, or apply a spray-on conditioner for dogs. What about my Rottweiler’s Nails, Ears and Teeth? To ensure that your Rottweiler’s floppy ears stay free from painful ear infections, check them at least once a week for mites and excess wax build-up. Alternatively, make it a routine to insert one or two drops of ear-cleaning solution for dogs into each ear. Then, gently massage your Rottie’s ears to spread the product throughout the ear. When it comes to their teeth, you want to regularly check for cavities, especially right on the surface of your dog’s molars, but also between their teeth. As a large dog breed, the Rottweiler is less prone to tooth decay than smaller breeds, but better to be safe than sorry.   Your Rottweiler’s claws can quite long and unwieldy, if not cut regularly. Overly long claws can cause injuries: For the dog and for yourself - if, for example, your 60 kilo Rottweiler digs them into your naked feet. Also, long claws make unpleasant scraping sounds and sometimes scratches on wood- or parquet floors. Therefore, best to cut them about every two months with a specific claw cutter. To avoid accidentally causing your dog pain, it is best to only chop off small pieces at a time. If in doubt, ask your vet to cut your Rottie’s claws for you.  And this wraps up our discussion of the powerful Rottweiler’s grooming requirements. As we saw, keeping these strong guard dogs clean is surprisingly easy.

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