Odin Bungee Leash

Size: 1m
Color: Black

We set out to create a leash as strong as Odin himself, we're proud to bring to you the Odin Leash that personifies strength and style.

The Odin Bungee Leash has a large comfortable handle and is made with a shock absorbing bungee to prevent any sudden jolts to you or your dog, it comes in a range of designs and you can choose from a 1m or 2m length. When paired with the Odin Collar you have a perfect solution to control and walk confidently with even the largest most powerful dog breeds.


Leads are only as strong as their weakest part, we set out to strip everything back and use only the worlds strongest and most reliable products and remove all failure points.

The first common failure point is the clip you attach to a dogs collar. On the Odin Lead we use the Kong Frog connector, the strongest light weight connector on the market from one of the leading companies on the planet. These connectors are renowned around the world from elite climbers, law enforcement and military spec-ops due to their extreme breaking load tensile strength of 25 KiloNewtons, or over 5600 pounds! When combined with our Ragnarok Collar and the equally incredible breaking strength of it's buckle and D-ring, no dog on the planet is breaking free.

The next common failure point is the lead material, we wanted a thin, light weight and stylish lead that was comfortable for the handler yet extremely durable and we found MMI Milspec Webbing, the best in the world with stunning patterns and a break strength of over 2200 pounds!