Mabel's Fables - Snickers Blog 2

Welcome to Mabel's Fables, our new blog series following puppy owners who have been inspired by our journey with Mabel. We'll follow them as they bring home their new puppy and throughout their training journey.

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We are just over a month in to our journey to raising the perfect puppy!

Snickers in a superstar.

There are times that he drives me crazy and makes me wonder if I've done enough, then we have an amazing moment and I know we are doing well.

In his first 4 weeks with us we did so many things, we went to the beach, train parks, bike parks and we even went on a short holiday. Trying to pack as much as we could into stage 3 Australian lockdown. I can only hope we have done enough. Snickers met chickens, cats, other dogs, babies, toddlers and he even came to burnings a couple of times.

Toilet training hasn't been easy but we are almost there.

Our boy loves his crate and a kong-cicle. Our most amazing achievement after getting through those first 2 nights of puppy screaming... that didn't last long... snickers now sleeps through the night.... better than Baby Raeven! (11 months old)

Apart from the times that it is very obvious we have two 4 year olds (Snickers and Eli) in the house we are doing really well and we're just so in love with this handsome boy 

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