5 Reasons Why YOU SHOULD Get A Boxer


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The boxer is characterized by a square head boxy jaw with a lean and powerfully musculed body. They were originally bred to be a guard dog in Germany and were taken to the States and UK after WWI. Despite their robust and imposing appearance, the Boxer’s personality can be quite clownish and they are known to be very vocal and playful. Many boxers use their paws almost like a cat would when playing with toys or demanding attention. They have soft personalities but are fierce defenders of their families.


Since the boxer was bred to be a guard dog they do have quite a bit of energy. They do best in homes where their family is quite active and will go on a long walk or hike with them a few times a day or they also have a large yard to run around. That being said, they can adapt to apartment living with a bit more effort on your part to work off their energy in a constructive way. They are a very intelligent breed so along with the physical exercise they excel at obedience work which brings me to my second reason why you should consider getting a boxer.


They are highly intelligent which makes them very trainable, though I don't recommend them for first time owners. Boxers are extremely willing to please and perform beautifully when they have a calm consistent canine leader that is not overly aggressive with corrections or training. They can be stubborn, especially when they're young, but developing a good relationship with them early on will make them a breeze to train. The breed has found a lot of success in military and police roles so they are quite capable of rising to competition level if that’s the direction you want to go with them.


Boxers usually end up weighing somewhere around 60 to 70 pounds with the males being slightly bigger. They have a short sleek coat, but they do shed quite a bit despite having short hair and only a very slight undercoat. Some boxers are a bit more joule-y than others so there may be some minor drooling with some boxers and none at all with others. Generally, they are low maintenance and will shed less when said a proper diet and are well exercised so they are a great choice for homes that can give them that extra attention.


The boxer is one of the best family dogs out there. They are extremely gentle with children and are playful with their puppyhood extending until they are about three years old. When socialized early and frequently throughout their life, Boxers are friendly to strangers and can do well with other small animals in the home. Since they were bred to be a guard dog they are obviously quite capable of still filling that guarding role and will alert with a deep loud bark before taking action to guard the home.


Boxers are very loving and preferred to be around people. Like other loyal and affectionate guard dogs, they don't realise their size and will generally try to crawl in your lap or be touching you in some way at all times. They are very entertaining and will often hop around in circles while making a ‘woo-woo’ sound somewhere between a howl and playful growl. They are known to be very playful and vocal and love nothing more than a good snuggle after a long walk or play session.


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