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When casting a glance at these two breeds, one could argue that they look very much alike. Their short noses and slightly protruding eyes are quite similar, as are their square body types. They are both very muscular breeds, but the French bulldog may beat the Boston terrier by looking slightly bulkier. The Boston terrier, however, beats the Frenchie in height by couple of inches. Their legs are significantly longer/taller than the Frenchie. A French bulldog is typically between 11 – 13 inches, while the Boston terrier stands 15 – 17 inches tall. On the AKC website, the Frenchie’s weight is described as “under 28 pounds”, which combined with their height speaks for itself when it comes to the bulkiness. The Boston terrier on the other hand, is supposed to weight between 22 – 25 pounds, which is less weight to a taller body; hence the slightly lighter look.

Both breeds have standing ears, sometimes referred to as bat ears. The Boston terrier has a long tail, while the Frenchies are born with a very short tail. Even fur-wise, they are quite similar. Both breeds do shed, but very little, and they are easy to groom. When it comes to colour, they are equally similar. Both breeds do come in a variety of colours, including alternative brindles, fawn, white, seal, fawn and more. The Frenchie wears a mask in black, white, ticked or piebald, while the Boston terrier doesn’t have a mask at all.

Like any other dog, regardless of size, you do need to look after their nails, ears and teeth regularly, though.


Being flat-faced breeds as both the Frenchie and the Boston terrier are, there are a few health issues that come with that. The French bulldog is a so called brachycephalic breed; the head/skull and nose is heavily pressed together, which in the case the nose is extremely short or the nostrils are very tight can cause severe problems with breathing. The Boston terrier suffer from the same problems, although perhaps not quite as severe. It is important to remember not to force any of these breeds to stay outside in extreme heat or humidity, and to take special care not to overheat them.

Specific for the French bulldog is allergies and skin problems, as is the case with most bull breeds. They can also suffer from various eye conditions that can sometimes need surgery. Please discuss with your vet what to do if surgery is needed, since they because of their issue with breathing, are sensitive to anaesthesia.

The Boston terrier can also have some problems with their eyes, so please take care that they do not run head into branches or other things that can hurt their eyes. A Boston can also suffer from deafness and patellar luxuation.


Both the Boston terrier and the French bulldog are fun dogs to be around. While the Frenchie may be calmer and not demand too much exercise and activities, the Boston terrier wants a lot of daily exercise and things to do. None of the dogs wants to be alone – they were raised to be companions, and they want to be around their people as much as possible. I know I keep coming back to this, but none of these breeds are outside dogs – especially not in summertime or other periods when the temperature goes up and the humidity makes it difficult for them to breathe.

The Frenchie is sometimes referred to as a clown dog. They enjoy playing and being silly, to be the centre of attention, and to show off for an audience. A Frenchie can be quite stubborn, however, but with the right motivation (such as food) they’ll be more prone to working with you instead of against you.

The Boston terrier might be considered just slightly sharper than the Frenchie. If not raised properly, they can sometimes tend to be a bit unruly and even nip at you in excitement. Differently from what one might think, they can be quite sensitive and will do their best work with softer corrections followed by praise and love.


Both these small, yet very cute breeds, were bred to be companions rather than anything else. If you’re looking for a small dog with lots of personality, either of them will satisfy you. Perhaps the Frenchie is more for those of you who don’t have the time or energy to be super active with your dog, and the Boston terrier may be more suited for you who like to spend more time on training and activating your dog in different ways.

Like I said earlier; the Frenchie can be stubborn and may need some persuasion to go through with a training session, but as stubborn as they are, they also do like to please their people so if you are consistent and persistent, there should be no problem to raise your Frenchie to be an amazing little dog.

The Boston terrier on the other hand, like I said before, can be a bit sensitive. If you’re the kind of person who likes rougher and tougher dogs, this may be a cause for you to reconsider your approach to your pup if you choose to get yourself a Boston terrier.

Both breeds enjoy activities like agility, obedience, rally and the likes. Why not take a trip to the forest to collect mushrooms, berries or just hike?

As for finding good use for your dog, did you know that there are both Frenchies and Boston terriers known to have worked as therapy dogs.


These two breeds are exceedingly similar, at least when it comes to their exterior and health. It is in mentality, personality and trainability they seem to differ the most.

In the end, it is all a matter of taste. Do you want a slightly calmer dog with whom you can have a lot of fun, or do you want a higher energy dog whom you can spend more time training and exercising, yet have a lot of fun with?


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