FRENCH BULLDOG! Why Are They GOOD! Why Are They BAD!


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A key aspect of the Frenchie that has made them so popular and so accessible to a lot of people is their size! This is a compact, little dog! They should no taller than 19 inches and males weigh around 12kg, and females around 10kg. They are suitable for homes of all sizes, from apartments to sprawling country homes. The fact they are travel sized is the reason they became popular back in the time of the Industrial Revolution. The breed has come a long way from a dog that was able to grapple with a Bull to the compact, squashed face companion we are so familiar with today. They had to adapt to being miniaturised so that they took up less space and didn’t need as much food to be attainable for the low-wage mill workers. For an unknown reason, they were extremely popular with the female lacemakers, whilst we’re not sure of the reason why, who could blame them??   Intelligence is another pro of the Frenchie, despite what a lot of people may think, they are extremely intelligent. They pick up tricks with ease and so training them to behave appropriately can be easy enough that they’re suitable for first time dog owners! Pair this intelligence with a people-pleasing personality, and you get a dog that’s eager to learn! You may come across some stubbornness or mischief a long the way, but this is rarely ill-natured. The French Bulldog is almost like a toddler, they try their best to make it fun to test your patience sometimes. But firm, positive training can curb any issues this may cause Another factor that has helped the world fall in love with these dogs comes from their personality traits. The Frenchie is a companion dog through and through. This little dog much prefers the company of people to being isolated. They are extremely affectionate towards their family, wanting to be a part of everything you’re doing. So if you are precious about sharing your favourite spot on the sofa, this breed isn’t for you. But their affection is arguably what has made them one of the most popular breeds today. They’re suited to any family dynamic too. You can be a single Frenchie parent or even a busy family of 4, they will be happy as long as they are fully included and can get the affection they crave!  CON’S Now for the somewhat negative aspects of the Frenchie. All breeds have their ups and downs, and this popular little dog is no different!  French Bulldogs are described as a Brachycephalic breed. Breeds of this type are described as having a shortened muzzle or a flat face. Now, a lot of the major health concerns of Frenchie’s stems from this appearance fault. Yes, they’re cute but it is to their own detriment. Issues that arise from a shortened muzzle include; laboured (noisy) breathing, breathing difficulty, heat intolerance and a heightened risk of asphyxiation pneumonia. It is absolutely crucial to be aware of these issues in order to manage them effectively. To prevent excess laboured breathing, Frenchie’s shouldn’t be allowed to over-exert themselves, or be exercised in the heat. Their inability to pant efficiently to oxygenate or cool down is a serious fault. If they were to overheat, its very time critical to get them to the vets before they go into shock. Now, I don’t want to scare any potential Frenchie owners, I just want to prevent any Frenchie’s suffering due to a lack of reliable education. Another medical concern is the possibility of them suffering from herniated disks in their spine. It is due to their compact size and that they have been bred with curly tails that has put added pressure on their spine. It’s possible for them to suffer from this should they fall awkwardly or be allowed to roughhouse before fully developed. Unfortunately, the only way to fix this should it happen is spinal surgery, which is as serious as it sounds. Good quality insurance is a must when picking this breed to bring home. Vet care is expensive, but for good reason. Do yourselves, and your Frenchie, a favour and research into reputable insurance before picking out a puppy.  I’d love to give you preventative measures to protect your Frenchie against these medical concerns but the only way to really stop these issues is from responsible breeding. Due to the massive popularity of these little dogs, there are a lot of puppy farm breeders out there. And this isn’t the dogs fault, but it is a negative aspect quite heavily connected to the French Bulldog. These breeders are the ones that haven’t done the research, the ones that don’t know the issues of breeding flat faced dogs with one another and it’s the dog and their owners that suffer for it. My advice to you is that you need to do extensive research into buying Frenchie puppies. Make sure you see mum with the puppies, and you want to make sure that mum looks healthy and cared for. There is a video with more information about finding the perfect Frenchie Breeder on this channel. We believe that education is absolutely key to reducing the backyard breeders from making money and instead investing money into responsible breeding. 

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