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Brushing If you are similar with the French Bulldog, you know they have a short and easy to manage coat. But, this does not mean they don't shed. You can expect to regularly find strands of their hair around your house, on your furniture, worked into your carpeting, or even on your clothes.  Thankfully, grooming the Frenchie is an easy task and will be enjoyable for both dog and canine leader alike. Even if you are okay with the hair floating around, brushing is still an essential part of keeping your Frenchie comfortable and looking good. Keeping up with their coat with a brush will help remove dirt, uncomfortable loose hair, and spread natural oils that form near the base of the dog's hair up and through the rest of the coat.  The brushes you will need to groom your Frenchie are:  A grooming mitt, rubber curry comb, or a firm bristle brush.  Any of these three are enough to keep the Frenchies coat in good shape. Just work the brush over their fur once a week, and you're done.  Bathing Bathing can be something of a different matter as it is recommended that these quirky little companions are bathed at least once a month. As the skin problems are prevalent in the breed, you will need a high-quality, all-natural shampoo. Or you might even want to play it safe and just use a Hypoallergenic shampoo. Never use human shampoo as a substitute for a good canine shampoo. Human shampoo is not chemically balanced for canine fur and skin. So, using it is just asking for trouble, and as the Frenchie already has sensitive skin, it is just not worth the risk.  After you are done bathing your Frenchie, make sure you try them thoroughly and take special care to really make sure to dry in between any wrinkles well. Leaving the in-between of any wrinkles damp can very quickly form bacteria or yeast and cause skin problems.  You also want to brush the Frenchie out once their fur dries. Water can easily become trapped beneath hair close to the skin, and brushing makes sure it dries. Any dampness left to just sit on the skin can lead to hot spots, skin irritation, or even infection.   Eye Care Frenchies also have sensitive eyes. It is essential to mop up any discharge you may see with a cotton swab. You should also make sure to add a little eye inspection whenever you do a grooming session. If you see any redness around their eyes lids, it is important to make a vet appointment right away as the French Bulldog is susceptible to Cherry Eye. Cherry Eye is a prolapse in the tear duct that can cause inflammation and redness.  Ear Care Thankfully, Frenchies are not as prone to ear infections as other Bulldog breeds. But you should at least check their ears out when you are grooming. If they need to be cleaned, a canine ear cleaning solution and cotton ball will do the job. Just dampen the cotton ball and clean the visible area of the ear. Do not push the cotton ball down into the ear canal as it is possible to damage the dog's inner ear by doing so.  If you notice any odor, ear scratching, head tilting, strange discharge, or large amounts of a flaky like substance in the dog's ear. In that case, a vet appointment is in order as this can be a sign of an ear infection or parasites that will require medication to resolve.  Nail Care French Bulldog's nails grow at an average pace, though some individuals can need a nail clipping a little sooner than others—the average calls for a nail trimming every six weeks. Though, an excellent way to tell if you need to do it sooner is to listen when your dog gets up from lying down on any hard surface. If you hear the nails click against the floor as they stand, they are ready for a trim.  Additional Notes  We already mentioned it earlier, but you will want to pay extra attention to any wrinkles or flaps of skin on the French Bulldog's body. If you want to be a little extra cautious, you can wipe these areas with a baby cloth and then dry them well with a dry towel. 

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