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What Should I Take on a Dog Walk?

what should i take on a dog walk

This is the question many new and even seasoned dog owners ask. Figuring out what you want to take along can be overwhelming.

There are so many different items and you don’t want to forget anything that’s essential.  

Start there and make yourself a checklist or have a bag that’s just for going on walks. Keep it stocked and then you always have exactly what you need on hand like baggies for poo and a water dish.

But what about leads and toys?

While you won’t want to take every type of lead and toy on every walk, it’s important to think about the purpose of your walk and what you will need for it to be a success.

Are you going to the park? You might want a long line lead and some toys.

Are you going out for training? This is a good time to make sure you have a training lead along with your normal one.

We’ll walk you through your options and talk about when they’re best to take along, but first let's start with the basics.

Essentials for a Dog Walk

These are the items you’ll take out with you for every walk. You don’t want to leave home without them! You’ll need them almost every time you leave the house with your dog.

Poo Bags

When your dog has to go, they have to go! They aren’t going to wait just because you don’t have a baggie with you.

These usually come in rolls and you can buy a dispenser that clips onto your bag and belt for easy access.

Our Poo Bags are biodegradable and come with a subscription service, so you never have to worry about running out!

Poo Bag Carrier

There won’t always be a trash can around to dispose of those poo bags, so you’ll need some place to put them.

Luckily there are many silicon holders on the market to use as a temporary receptacle until you can properly dispose of things.

Water and Water Bowl

You get thirsty on hot days and so does your dog. You should always carry water with you, but it’s even more important during the summer heat.

Pack up your favourite reusable water bottle and grab a collapsible water bowl. Then you’re all good to go for your walk.

Spare Leash and Collar

Accidents happen. Leashes can snap and collars can break. You want to be prepared just in case.

Even if you’re out training, it doesn’t hurt to have an extra regular lead and collar stashed away in all circumstances.

Baby Wipes

A travel size pack of baby wipes can be a real lifesaver in case a mess happens.

Maybe your dog stepped in some mud and you want to clean off their paws before they come back in the house or maybe one of those poo bags was a little messier than intended.

Whatever the mess, you’ll be happy that you have something to clean up with.


You never know when there might be mud or an unexpected rain shower. A towel is a good way to help dry off wet and muddy paws along with your baby wipes.


You want to reward good behaviour even on your routine route. Make sure you take your dog’s favourite treats along.

These can be dry and crunchy or something raw. Just make sure your dog will enjoy it and be excited to work for it while out and about.


You may not need this every time you go out, but it’s a good item to leave by your front door. You can grab it and go on those days where it might rain.

Treat Pouches for Your Dog Walk

Of course you’ll need an appropriate way to store those treats so that they’re accessible. We recommend one of two treat pouch types for when you’re out on a walk.

Both styles clip to your belt so they’re always in reach.

Canvas Treat Pouch

These pouches are ideal for dry treats. Something like the Fenrir Dog Training Pouch is machine washable. This means crumbs are easy to wash away and the pouch will be ready to go again in no time.

Silicone Treat Pouch

Something like the Fenrir Silicone Dog Treat Pouch is perfect for raw treats. You don’t have to worry about bits of raw food getting mashed down into any fabric and spoiling with this model. You can wash it with soap and water then dry it, and it’s good to go for another use.

Leads for Your Dog Walk

A good leash can take your walk to the next level. Let's take a look at some different types of dog leashes and what sort of walks you want to use them for.

Slip Lead

The Ragnar Slip Leash  is a great training tool when you’re working on heel walking, pulling, or lead reactivity. It also helps teach your dog to look to you for guidance and listen to feedback from the leash. 

This makes it good for in depth or more casual training. You and your dog focus specifically on heel walking or go out for a stroll while they learn proper leash etiquette.

For a more in depth look at slip leads, you can check out our blog post here.

Long Line Lead

Something like the Ragnar Long Line Slip Lead is great for letting your dog safely roam. It’s a great way to safely let them run and play or work on recall.

They’ll be able to go farther at the park or on a hiking trail while still being secured to you. If anything goes wrong, you have a secure hold on them and can real them back in.

That’s also the same reason it’s good for working on recall. You don’t have to worry about your dog getting spooked or distracted and running off, but they can move far enough away to work on the command.

This makes a long line lead a great choice for a walk out in nature or a training session.

Training Lead

A good training lead is the workhorse of dog walks. Whether you’re looking to do some training or just take a stroll, the Ragnar Training Leash is your go to option.

It allows for six different leash configurations that allow you to work on everything from recall to good manners while on the leash. It even has the option for you to go hands free with the around the waist or over the shoulder options.

A more in depth look at the training lead and all it can do can be found here.

Dog Leash

This is your everyday dog leash. The Ragnar Leash is your go-to for everyday use.

If you’re looking to go for a walk or need to get your dog in and out of the car, a normal leash will do the trick. It’s not always the best for training, but it’s versatile and easy to pack up.

Toys for Your Dog Walk

Whether you’re going to the park or out on a hike, toys are a good way to reward or enrich the experience for your dog.

Fenrir Hammer

The Fenrir Hammer is a great option for playing fetch at the park. The shape makes for an erratic and unpredictable bounce that your dog will love to chase.

You can even play tug-o-war with this hammer! The large head allows your dog to safely grab without accidentally nipping your fingers while you hold the handle.

It can also be used to take a break in the shade on those hot days since it also acts as a chew toy. Place it in the freezer the night before and then pop it in your cooler when you pack it up before heading out.

If you’re interested in learning more about our hammer, you can check out our dedicated blog post here.

Fenrir Dragon Egg

The Fenrir Dragon Egg is another great option for fetch. It doesn’t bounce as erratically as the Fenrir Hammer, so it may be a better choice for more mellow dogs while out on a walk.

Just like the hammer, it can be used for break time too! Freeze it and pack it up for a cool treat in the shade.

We have a whole article dedicated to our Dragon Egg that you can check out here

Fenrir Jute Tug Toy

For those tough players that love to play tug-o-war, we highly recommend something like our Fenrir Jute Tug Toy. This all natural and durable material will stand up to those high energy pups.

You also won’t need to worry about the material becoming wet and slippery from all of that dog slobber while playing. This means play time can last longer and play as a reward is easier to control.

Do you want to know more about jute and its benefits? We have a blog for that. Check it out here.


Is there anything you think we missed? What essentials do you always take along? We’d love for you to share with us on social media!