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Welcome to Mabel's Fables, our new blog series following puppy owners who have been inspired by our journey with Mabel. We'll follow them as they bring home their new puppy and throughout their training journey.

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Both me and Robson have always loved dogs, and for the past year have dreamed about getting our first family dog. We were nervous at first about bringing a dog into our lives, mostly because like many other dog owners, we both work full-time. However, once we had done sufficient research, we found ways to address these concerns meaning that we felt we were ready to get a dog. We both wanted to get a big dog, and we were looking at a range of larger breeds including Dobermans, Rhodesian Ridgebacks, and Rottweilers. Ultimately, we found that none of these breeds were right for us, mostly because of their higher energy levels and this will be the first dog that we own together even though we have grown up around dogs.

We finally decided that we wanted a Bullmastiff after falling in love with a Dogue De Bordeaux rescue dog – Max – that we had volunteered to take on a walk from our local shelter. If you looked up the phrase “gentle giant”, you’d find a picture of beautiful Max. During our few hours walking him he never pulled once, was super friendly to everyone we walked past, and loved taking it slow and having his head rubbed. I absolutely didn’t want to leave him, and the day after we walked him, I called the shelter to adopt him. I was heartbroken to hear that someone had beaten us to it but was happy that Max was in a loving home that he deserved. Finding and loving Max sparked a love for mastiff breeds, and the more research we did we found that the personality that we loved so much in Max was very common in Bullmastiffs.

Robson was browsing through YouTube looking for videos about Bullmastiffs, it was here that we stumbled across Will and the Fenrir Canine Show. We watched so many videos about choosing the perfect guardian breed, and it became more and more obvious that the Bullmastiff was the perfect dog for us. Bullmastiffs have a loving temperament, and despite their size they love nothing more than a cuddle and their energy level is a good match for our working schedule and lifestyle.

We spent months looking online for the perfect puppy, it felt as though we would never find a puppy in our local area, we did at one point find great puppies in Ireland but that was out of the question. A few days after my 26th birthday I happened to look at pets4homes and saw that a new advert had been posted 40 minutes ago. I nearly screamed with excitement, and ran upstairs to tell Robson the good news. Within 20 minutes we had reserved Goose, and had booked to go and visit him the following week. We fell in love instantly, of the two boys that we held Goose was the one who snuggled into our arms, and we just knew that he was the right puppy for us. Goose will be ready to come home mid-July, he is already so loved, and we can’t wait to bring him home.


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