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The Bullmastiff – Clean Housedog or Shedding Nightmare? Bullmastiffs are huge, massive dogs - and if you are interested in the breed, you might fear that the amount of fur they lose is going to be equally enormous.  But thankfully, this gentle giant’s short and dense single-layered coat sheds only moderately throughout the year. Of course, as with most breeds, spring and autumn are shedding seasons for the Bullmastiff. During these times, they lose their seasonal coats and you will have to brush them more than usual. Otherwise, their short, light-coloured hairs can get on everything in your house – floors, furniture, and even clothes.    Apart from that, the breed really is fairly easy to groom. To keep their beautiful fur nice and clean, Bullmastiffs require little more than two to three brushes per week with a slicker brush. To get any dirt off of their more sensitive body parts, like the head or legs, you can use a soft bristle brush or a damp washcloth.  Should I Bathe my Bullmastiff? Unlike Giant Schnauzers or Airedale Terriers, Bullmastiffs do not require regular grooming sessions done by a professional. However, to further minimize shedding and to get any dust out of their fur, bathing is recommended. Especially when they are kept inside the house most of the time. Regular bathing with a mild dog shampoo also keeps the Mastiff’s coat nice and shiny.  Before bathing your dog, you can remove any loose hairs by brushing, or by using a high-velocity dryer. Once your Bullmastiff is set and ready for its bath, carefully rinse it with warm water, but make sure no water gets into the ears, as this can cause infections. You can use a soft natural sponge to gently rub the shampoo into your dog’s fur. Before you towel your Mastiff dry, make sure to rinse if off until the last remnants of soap have vanished. Otherwise the dog might ingest shampoo remnants when licking its fur after the bath.  As to how often you want to bathe your Bullmastiff – this largely depends on their lifestyle: Apartments dogs will require less bathing than farm dogs, simply because of the amount of dust and dirt they are exposed to. But in any case, Bullmastiffs should be bathed at least once a month.   General Health Care for Bullmastiffs Because the lovable Mastiff’s large, blocky head comes with deep facial folds, the breed needs a bit more care than other dogs: Unless these folds are cleaned daily, the wrinkly skin can develop painful infections. As cleaning materials for the folds, canine wipes are best, but you can also use baby wipes or slightly moistened cotton balls and washcloths. For drying the skin folds after, a soft and dry piece of cloth is sufficient.  Bullmastiffs have sensitive ears which you should clean at least once a week, by using a dry ear powder specifically designed for dogs. And unless your dog regularly runs around in a concrete yard, chances are that its nails will need regular clipping. You can either clip them yourself (whenever they get so long that you hear them clicking on your floors) - or you can ask your vet to clip the nails for you. Bullmastiffs and Drool – Tipps for Managing the Flow Because of their large jowls, these gentle giants do drool quite a bit, especially right after eating and drinking, and also whenever they anticipate mealtimes or treats. Being proactive goes a long way in keeping excessive drool from getting all over your furniture: For example, you could tie a nice-looking scarf around your Bullmastiff’s neck, that you then can use to wipe away excess drool. In this way, you prevent the built-up saliva getting splattered all over your furniture the next time your dog shakes its head   And this wraps up our discussion of the Bullmastiff’s grooming requirements. As we saw, these loving and affectionate family guardians are fairly easy to keep clean and tidy. They are ideal house- and even apartment dogs who are exceptionally calm and gentle indoors. For all these reasons, it is safe to say that Bullmastiff are very easy and enjoyable to live with. 

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