The Worlds MOST CONFIDENT Dog Breeds


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Number 10 – The Jack Russell Terrier And we start with a breed that could easily have made it to a higher position on our list, so please do not take this rating as me belittling the Jack Russell Terrier. In fact, among the small terrier breeds, this one happens to be my favourite: More than 10 years ago, I had the pleasure to personally rehabilitate a beautiful female Jack Russel – and she turned out so amazing that my parents fell in love with her and decided to keep her. These dogs are small, but make no mistake about it: Every inch of their little bodies is filled to the brim with Terrier-typical confidence!  Number 9 – The Dachshund Very similar to the Jack Russell Terrier in size and shape, the Dachshund can be even more self-assured. These German “badger hounds” know no fear, and given their original task, it is clear to see why: If you were a little canine making a living from battling feral foxes and badgers in their burrows, then you would certainly need all the courage and confidence you could muster up! Whilst Dachshunds can be quite stubborn, they make amazing – and amusing – companions. Number 8 – The Rottweiler Talking about confident canines – our next candidate on the number 8 spot is a little bit larger than our previous two picks. And he definitely has the physical prowess to back up its confident nature: The Rottweiler is one of the most powerful among the guardian breeds. And whilst other breeds used in the police and military service – such as Dobermans, Belgian Malinois and German Shepherds – CAN sometimes be anxious and insecure, a timid or even fearful Rottie is an extremely rare occurrence. Which is why Rottweilers are immensely reliable protection and guard dogs. Number 7 – The Bullmastiff And at number 7 on our list of the TOP 10 most confident dogs, we have one of my favourite breeds of all times - the Bullmastiff. As one of the best natural family guardian breeds on the planet, the mighty Bullmastiff comes with high levels of courage and confidence. Unshakable in their loyalty, these dogs will not hesitate to risk their lives for their owners. Of course, their sheer size and bulk give the breed a sky-high intimidation factor. So, realistically, not many people will ever want to put a Bullmastiff’s confidence to the test – and risk getting attacked by this fearsome-looking giant.  Number 6 – The Newfoundland Our number 6 spot goes to another dog of the mastiff-type – even though this one has never been bred for protection or guarding roles: The majestic Newfoundland was bred to save people from drowning and to retrieve nets for fishermen in the freezing cold ocean off the coast of , you guessed it, Newfoundland. This dog’s confidence is rooted in its calm, self-assured personality. Famous for their love for children, Newfoundlands are not aggressive as such, but come with an extraordinarily strong and solid character.  Number 5 – The Boerboel On our number 5 spot, we have a breed very similar to the Bullmastiff – in fact, the South African Boerboel is a descendant from the Bullmastiff, who was crossed with other large breeds to create the ultimate farm guardian: “Boerboel” literally translates into “famer’s dog”. This absolutely massive, muscle-packed Mastiff is perhaps an even more effective guard dogs than the Bullmastiff himself, and comes with a distinct stubborn streak and confidence galore: After all, these intrepid dogs have been bred to protect their owners from lions and other large, dangerous African predators, and they are absolutely fearless. Number 4 – The Australian Cattle Dog  On our number 4 spot, we have an Australian breed: Similar to the Rottweiler, the Australian Cattle Dog has been bred to drive cattle over vast distances. And even though very different from the Rottie (or the Mastiffs we just mentioned) in temperament, this extremely energetic dog is supremely confident. Which of course comes in handy for its original role, as controlling angry bulls is not a task for the faint-hearted. This courageous breed is very trainable, but needs strong and firm leadership to channel its high energy into positive avenues.   Number 3 – The Presa Canario And here we are, at the TOP 3 positions on our list of the TOP 10 most confident dog breeds in the world. The Bronze Medal goes to a dog native to Spain – more precisely, to the Canary Islands. Bred as a highly effective livestock guardian dog and fierce competitor in dog fighting competitions, the Presa Canario’s confidence is next level: It is said that this breed has come into existence to finally put an end to the Islands’ farmers’ sheep and goats being killed by predators. Not one of the breeds available could fit the bill, so people decided to create the perfect protector. These dogs are extremely powerful, energetic, and prone to serious dog aggression. Relentless defenders of their owner’s person, property and livestock, Presas have gained a reputation for being among the most potentially dangerous dog breeds in the world.  Number 2 – The Spanish Alano Now, here we are at our second position on the pedestal, the Silver Medal Spot. Let’s see which dog has conquered the second top spot among the TOP 10 most confident dog breeds of the canine world.  The dog I have picked for this position belongs to a rare breed outside of its native Spain. However, in terms of strength, courage and confidence, it rivals the Presa Canario – so much so that these two Spanish breeds are almost on par with each other. The Alano is considered an absolutely ferocious opponent to any animal or human attempting to harm the persons or farm animals under its protection. These large and supremely athletic dogs are absolutely not suited for novice owners: Their strong-willed character, their enormous strength and high readiness to strike do make them potentially dangerous.  Number 1 – The Caucasian Shepherd And now, we come to the absolute top-spot on our list of extremely confident canines. The Gold Medal goes to yet another livestock guardian breed. In fact, the Caucasian Shepherd is THE most powerful flock guardian breed on the planet. These bear-like giants are the undisputable kings of confidence amongst the dog breeds: And they need to be, as they have to fight off bears, wolves and mountain lions in the mountains of Russia. Caucasian Shepherds work together in small packs and are quite capable to kill wolves. Even though this breed has gained world-wide popularity today, it has lost nothing of its legendary courage, confidence and independence. Which makes these shaggy giants immensely challenging to own and to train as house companions: These are serious working dogs who were never meant for a life spent indoors as pets. 

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